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  1. Hi, When we connect to administration server (KSC) and leave it connected for a long time, it will disconnect. I think this is a natural situation in the case of security issues. Nonetheless, is it possible to keep it connected all the time? Thanks,
  2. I have only one group task "Update KES 10 MR1". Please find the attachment. Thanks.
  3. Hi, When opening tasks in properties of a client computer in KSC, some tasks are displayed with 2 gears and some tasks are depicted with a gear and a folder icon. For example, I can see two "Update" tasks with these two different icons. I have no "Update" task in "Task for specific computers". What is the difference between these two icons? Thanks,
  4. Hi, After you installed KES on your system, you just need to Allow the network packet rule "Incoming ICMP Stream" so that your system will be successfully pinged. The network packet rule "Incoming ICMP Stream" can be seen on the attached file by Mehboob.Qureshi. Good Luck
  5. I know about the article. I meant is it possible to have 2 IPs of two separate networks on KSC server and manage two networks concurrently? Thanks.
  6. Hi, Assume all the clients in a network are managed by KSC. Then we add another network adapter to KSC with a separate different IP. We run the task "Change server address" on half of clients to the new IP. Will these clients still communicate with KSC flawlessly? Thanks
  7. Hi, Given a network of several clients being protected by KES and managed by KSC, if we uninstall the KSC for some reasons and there is no BKP of it, Will it be possible to restore certificate using one of the clients? In other words, is there a copy of certificate stored on clients which can be used for KSC to restore its certificate? Thank you in advance,
  8. Hello, If I replace the three modified files with original files, will I be able to get KIS 2015 updates? Thanks,
  9. Dear all, I changed the default port 80 to 8050 and it got working. Thanks friends.
  10. Hi, I have already faced this problem. If you look at the directory "...\.working\storages\", you will see there are lots of folders in addition to the two mentioned. You can copy the file "SS_SETTINGS.dat" of another folder to the two corrupted directories. Make sure they are replaced. I solve my problem in this way. Good luck,
  11. In order to change the setting, is it enough to replace all "80"s with another port number in httpd.conf file? Thanks,
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