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  1. Agreed. I just download mvps host from http://winhelp2002.mvps.org/hosts.htm around 5 a.m Malaysian time but still detected as trojan by KIS2013. Still waiting for solution.
  2. I did experiencing the same problem like others here and now my pc running KIS 2013 full scan after a reboot by advanced detection. I think it have something to do with latest detection database and i'm just guessing Pls fix this. thanks in advance.
  3. Can anyone give me any other suggestion based on my GSI Parser log only please? Thanks.
  4. Although I really like OP6 and don't want to uninstall it again, is there any firewall software compatible with KAV7 so I can replace? I try to uninstall Spybot first. Thanks.
  5. Hello My latest firefox's browsing speed is become terribly slow after I installed latest version of KAV7 []. Look like it still didn't completely fix internet browser's surfing problem especially when opening an image on web (although th speed much better than KAV7 version My WinXP SP2 seem a bit slower than before when I used version FYI, I have uninstall FasterFox extension for Firefox long time ago. All "Pipelining" have been set to default in about:config. Now i install back KAV7 version which doesn't have any problem with my PC and Firefox. Also, it work better together with my latest version of OP6. I already check its not OP6 problem, but KAV7 problem after I tried suspend protection each one of it when surfing. After using GSI Parser with KAV7 version installed, I found that I have incompatible software with KAV7 which I consider unacceptable because all security softwares that I installed is illegible software and of course not a rogue. Also, I regularly update all other software to latest version. Most of it I installed long before I install latest KAV7 and this incompatible thing should not happen. What should I do? Please help me. I really want to continue using every latest version KAV7 without any problem because it still the best AV out there. Here is my GSI log : http://gsi.kaspersky.fr/lire.php?hl=en&amp...amp;Microsoft=0 Thanks you, ijen360
  6. Hi, I do have same problem like molitar. My latest firefox's browsing speed is terrible. Look like this latest kav7 version still doesn't completely fix internet browser's speed problem (although the speed is better than kav7 version My WinXP SP2 also seem a bit slower than before when I used version 0.125. Now i will install back kav7 version which work better with my latest OP6. I already check its not OP6 problem, its KAV7 problem after I tried suspend protection each one of it when surfing. I have a question; how to post GSI log?
  7. Hi admin, I ADMIT I like Kaspersky 6 as I like Tuneup Utilities. Both are wonderful software for me for 2 years now. The only virus/malware problem I face after 4 months is with this very good software (TuneUp) as of yesterday, my kaspersky 6 detect appinitialization.bpl & commonforms.bpl in Tuneup Utilities 2007's Program Files folder as Trojan program, name as 'backdoor.win32.rbot.fcw' & 'backdoor.win32.rbot.fcu'. Is it false positive or not? There's no whatsoever complete reference to it, on any trusty web as i check a s a p after knew it yesterday. I try to skip the detection but kaspersky keeps annoying me like my parent but of course for my own good. By the way i trust kaspersky completely becoz it never disappointed me before in the almost same kind situation i faced as this, which kaspersky suddenly detected in any software that i have already installed for months, that have virus, spyware or trojan (becoz before this if Kaspersky detect anything in infected software, I just get rid of it easily after that). This is becoz I trust their great virus detection update which somehow faster than other AV. Also my PC still safe after 2 years as of today after situation like that and of course 1 or 2 malware problem not gonna change it. Now, I need to uninstall my Tuneup becoz got corrupted but I still want install it back. Pls give me some advice. Thanks in advance. Below is the image of Kaspersky 6 detected Trojans in Backup tab
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