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  1. OS Windows 2008 R2 Server Standard 64bit Exchange: Exchange 2010 Edge Transport, Build KSE: Build
  2. Hello Im using Kaspersky Security 8 for Exchange servers, on a Exchange 2010 Edge Transport server. It seems to work perfectly, and i get notfications about protected object/infected objects and so on via mail, if i chech the reports are also correct. But when im trying to find any info in the "backup" store for messages, its totally Empty, says - A total of 0 objects with a combined size of 0 B. Ive tried to check other forum posts and such, and i checked my settings so i marked the correct settings. I got these settings: Server Protection -Enable Anti-virus (ofc) -Infected Objects : Delete Objects -Protected objects : Allow -Corrupted objects : Allow Save a copy of the object in Backup is marked So, shouldnt this populate the backup container? Am i missing something?
  3. Hello again, the file seems to be corrupt, tried opening it in 7zip, rar, zip - doesnt work. can you please resend the file in a compressed format? Thanks /Martin
  4. As for help for others I can now say that KES 10 SP1 works with Citrix PVS 6.1. This after uppgrading KSC to newest version and KES 10 to SP1. Tho its needed to use the /pCITRIXCOMPATIBILITY=1 in the installation string/KUD package when installing in the image. (dont work without this string) /Martin
  5. Hello I also need access to the new Kaspersky Update utility. But i dont have any Company Account that im aware off, is it still possible to recieve the new software? Im now only waiting for the updates to work Before i can go live with KES 10 SP1. /Martin
  6. Nope, first time trying, thought it would be supported since Citrix PVS i fairly easy. just pxebootet image.. Im going to test something new tho, going to connect a harddrive to my machine, move the image (Before KES 10 installation) to de drive. Then try to install KES 10 directly on the drive, reboot and see if it works correctly. Then move the disk to the PVS server and try to boot again via the network. /Martin
  7. KES 10/8 is working correctly before reboot, tho when u first install KES 8 or KES 10 u need to reboot to complete the installation. So KES 10/8 gets installed, but its after the reboot it crashes. so its nothing wrong with the "installation" seems that the software does something when windows boots, which breaks the connection to the PVS server. I find it very annoying tho that even if the Kaspersky services is disabled this still occure, so i cant get you the logs from after the machine has crashed. Do you got any recomendations for KES 10 / 8 running on Citrix PVS? havent seend any on your site. /Martin
  8. Hello! Ive got some trouble installing KES 10 or KES 8 on a Citrix PVS 6.1 image. OS: Windows 7 x64 My image is fresh and working correctly,tho when i install KES 10 or KES 8 it dont startup any more, hangs att windows is starting up logo then reboots Before coming to CTRL-ALT-DEL screen. and does so until i manually turn off the computer. Ive tried this so far: Installed KES 10 on a fresh image without Windows updates. Installed KES 8 on a fresh image without Windows updates. Installed KES 10 on a fresh image with newest Windows updates Installed KES 8 on a fresh image with newest Windows updates Disabled the KES 8 and 10 services Before reboot. Set the KES 8 and 10 Policy do exclude certain catalogs / files that Citrix suggests. Set the KES 8 and 10 Policy to turn of Firewall, and other things that might block the connection to the PVS server. I know that, when the image is streamed from the Citrix PVS server it needs constant connection between client - server, it seems that Kaspersky breaks the Connection just Before the CTRL-ALT-DEL screen. It feels like Kaspersky is blocking the connection some how, dont really understand how tho since I even tried with the Kaspersky services Disabled. Need some help! /Martin
  9. This is solved , the solution is: Latest version of KS for MS Exchange has new features and engine, so you have to specify additionals products in the settings of the Update Utility to update KS for MS Exchange properly: - KES for Windows (v10) (for malicious URLs) - KS for MS Exchange Servers (8.3.325.0) - KS for Linux Mail Servers 8.0.0 (for ZetaShield engine) Hope this helps someone else. /Martin
  10. Its working! Thanks so much for your help! My life just got easier!
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