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  1. Hi was the same for me, a cosmetic problem that will correct itself said Kaspersky. (and it did) // Håkan
  2. hi, as I wrote in another thread, had the same problem.......... Kept KTS but got <del> instead. THATS how a passwordmanager should work! Even imported my database from Pure 3......... :cb_punk: // Håkan edit: del unnecessary advertising.
  3. Well, removed KPM and KTS, reboot, clean registry of all Kaspersky, reboot and installed clean KTS and KPM. KPM still does not pick up logins, does not auto fill in any browser!!!!! Solution: removed KPM completely and installed Sticky Password which is working flawlessly in all browsers!! :dash1:
  4. Well, un and reinstalled KPM, same version as you mentioned............................. Still will not pick up sign ins in any browser, no autofill in any browser and selecting "open in browser" opens correct website but does not autofill anything. Plugins are verified and active in all browsers.......... :dash1:
  5. I checked all browsers and they all said that the plugin was/is installed and enabled. In IE I dont even get the KPM icon in top right corner and in Chrome, when clicking icon only get KPM icon. Will try and reinstall KPM................. cheers..
  6. Hello, I use IE, Chrome and FF........... Plugins installed in all browsers acc to KPM settings. regards Håkan
  7. More info: KTS update says databases and application is up to date BUT states that last update was 44 years ago!!!!! KPM opens website but does not fill anything..................... Looks like going back to Sticky Password again.............
  8. Hello, updated my PURE 3.0 to KTS today, installation and subsequent registration with license from PURE worked fine. Downloaded PWM, installed and activated to Premium. (had to uninstall Sticky Password) PWM is not working, does not autofill/login on websites and does not save new passwords/sites. Where is database for PWM stored on harddrive? Any help would be highly appreciated! regards Håkan
  9. Hello, after patch E was applied my PWM does not autofill any passwords. Also had alot of entrys that had changed from never expire to expire 1601. My system info: http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...1b6443d849f6c3e As a sidenote I was not able to create a getsysteminfo file with version Had to use located in Kaspersky PURE folder. regards Håkan Enebris (Sweden)
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