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  1. Please clarify. Is there only one Kaspersky outlook add-in is used for either 64 or 32 office on windows 10 64bit system?
  2. Some competitors are saying the Kaspersky outlook add-in for Windows 10 and windows 7 is a 32bit add-in and will not work with the 64bit outlook clients. Is this true? If there are two different outlook add-in for win7 or win10 OS, then how does is know what version of the outlook add-in to install? Question came up since we are planning on upgrading to users from 32bit office 2016 versions to 64bit version of office 2019 and need to know the Kaspersky outlook add-in will work. I noticed when installing the latest Security 10 for win server software, I saw the server installer had two versions (32bit and 64bit) of the outlook client add-in (see attached pic). Are these add-ins different than the desktop client versions? And yes I have already called the support line using my company number and nobody could answer these questions.
  3. Well reading this thread was a complete waste of time. How about providing some answers Kaspersky support reps? Stop with the "contact support and open a case". Calling the support line is a crap shoot at best.
  4. Ok figure it out. Apparently the policy setting for the computers changed somehow. I was under the assumption that after MR3 was installed that the policies needed to be converted. (this needed to happen going from MR1 to MR2). However without any DOCUMENTATION telling me that I, converted them anyways. I can only assume that converting them lost the configuration from the previous policy. The old policy still had all the correct configs. So I needed to unselect monitoring of HTTPS traffic (why this is even an option, I have now idea). After making the change to not monitor the HTTPS traffic the problem went away for one user that was having the problem. Thinking this will also resolve the other issues other users were having.
  5. I have the same issues with several computers. We are running Endpoint - v10.2.5.3201 Randomly/sporadically causing outlook to be disconnected from exchange online and/or Outlook 2016 will hang on startup. We are running the Kaspersky out look scanner, but not sure if it the outlook component or the endpoint Also found that KAV Endpoint (MR3) is blocking some users from actually signing on to Skype for business and blocks the password dialog box in outlook 2016 when the user changes their password. Being there are 3 customers that are having this issue, I suspect that there are a lot more.
  6. Not sure what you are asking. If you do a search on any computer (that was on the old domain name), the computer appears twice. If you open both (the correct one and the duplicate) you will see the new domain name in the correct one and the old domain name listed under the duplicate. All duplicates are being stored under the container/folder that has the old domain name. If you delete both the good and the bad (duplicate) computer, they both come back. There are no DNS entries for the old domain on our network.
  7. Currently running SC 10.3.407 We changed the AD domain name in our network. Now all the computers that were registered in the Security Center show up twice. Once under the managed computers (with the new domain name) and another under the old domain name (in the network polling). We have deleted the computers in both managed and under the old domain but the computers always comes back in both places. We even deleted the duplicate computer in the old domain name and the old domain but again the duplicate computers come back under the old domain name. I have called support regarding this problem several time without any resolution. Was told that the computers are stored in the database and there was nothing that could be done to remove them. I find that hard to believe. Was told that we would have to uninstall SC and reinstall to correct this problem. Other thing I found to be very interesting is: -If we disable windows and network polling the computers are still being added after both (original and copy) are removed from SC. -New computers or reimaged computers are not showing up as duplicates under the old domain name. Can this be corrected without uninstalling and reinstalling SC?
  8. Have a new mac book pro we are trying to get the software to work. We installed the MAC agent (1010.1.0.16) and End point ( Everything appears to work. We can see the system in Security Center, BUT when we reboot the MAC the system no longer communicates with the Security Center. Why would a reboot stop the mac from communicating with security center. All of our other PCs are communicating just fine with the security center. Is this a known issue? Any patches for the MAC Agent? Thanks in advance for any help. -b
  9. here is the attachment. tried attaching a file that was too large.
  10. I am creating installation packages for the latest endpoint security ( When going through the wizard, I get this particular screen (see attached). Since I do not create packages all the time, I can't seem to remember how to answer this screen (or if it came up before). The biggest question is Basic or Standard. We are not using the encryption. At one point there use to be I think 3 different install packages for Endpoint (could still be). 2 were for encryption and the other was without. Support only gave me one for the encryption. Any help deciphering the screen would helpful. Thanks in advance. :dash1:
  11. I have had multiple computers now where the Network Agent (10.1.249) will not start. It worked at one point but stop at some point in time. This problem has given our company great concerns as we renewed out license and the computer where the agent service is not running will not communicate the new license file. Hence the endpoint security license expires and stops updating. :angry2: This is Bad since we have no real way to tell what system have this problem without a lot of manual labor. Would be nice to figure out why this is going on but after talking to tech support (ticket#: 4920356) they indicated they would need to reproduce the issue to figure out why the agent stopped working in the first place. Hmmm. Thought there was tools avail that would show a person why a service would not start. Anybody else have this issue?
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