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  1. I agree with my buddy. But this month I saw a review of AVG Antispyware in a Brazilian magazine, and it wasn't so good.
  2. What about open a support office here in Brazil ? I'd like to work for a great company like KL.
  3. I like this new service, but it would help a lot, if it could have a Brazilian language too.
  4. Hi Lucian. First the last " simbol is in the wrong place.If I don't change it, WLM can't start the command line.I put in after avp.exe. The only thing I see it's a DOS screen showing me the commands option for scan (avp). I'd like to see a report poping up after the scan, but no way.
  5. Max will be the designer again for the GUI, and he didn´t start it yet, so I think beta will be ready maybe in the end of 2007.
  6. Merry Christmas and a Prosper New Year. Feliz Natal e um Próspero Ano Novo.
  7. Hi Turtle. Yes, it's a normal host file. No worries about it. Now, if you want an additional layer of protection, you can use hostsman, which can be downloaded here: http://hostsman.abelhadigital.com/
  8. Here at work, we had to buy the promo twice, since the number of licenses can't be changed, and we have 4 computers here.
  9. Hi Lodore. Put Perfectdisk.exe inside trusted zones. This way KIS won't re-scan those defragmented files again.
  10. Like Micha said, I never found a keygen either, but I know some places that has a lot of keys, which I get them all and send to KL, of course.
  11. Did you tried to add QB to trusted zone ? At work, we use Quicken, and PDM alerted about it too.
  12. Hi buddy. Yes I know.I saw in e-store. But I was talking about a box in supermaket for example. Here there is only one reseller, and he doesn´t give any kind of discount. For those who can´t buy using Element for example, a 3 or 5 pack in a box in supermaket, would be an excellent choice.
  13. Last week I was in the supermarket, and saw a NAV 2007 3 licenses pack, for about 20% more than KIS 6 is sold here. I´d like to see the people from KL marketing here in the forum. At home, we have 3 computers. It could be great if I could buy a pack with 3 licenses of KIS.
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