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  1. Steve, read post nr. 14. I'm am being accused among other things of writing that Don Pelotas' girlfriend "is for sale". I did not write that. Would not you defend yourself against such a sick comment ? In his post nr. 18 mr.Pelotas has fabricated another version. They say they have saved my deleted post. Post it then! But you are right, it is time to stop. I have more important things to do. If this post will be deleted (most likely) by local hero mr. "My forum" Mapkobka or mr.Pelotas. I will email you.
  2. Oh ? This is a different version than what you wrote in your post nr. 14, closer to the truth I mean. I presume then that the primitive reaction of mr "MY forum" Mapkobka" on steve195527' post is also still there, like my reaction on mr. "My forum" his post. Deleting posts you don't like. Come on. Talking about childish. Grow up. Be a hero for a day. Post them ! You are right that I misunderstood your post, the one with j/k. did not know what that meant. Happy deleting this post!
  3. Don, buddy The number of people with the same problem is increasing, aint it ?
  4. Fine, tell us the solution for the problem then :post-7989-1194626099:
  5. Relax Don, Relax (mind your heart ), I'm using the combi KAV /LnS since version KAV 5, without problems. Now if everthing is running o.k. on my rig and one new proggie has been installed and after the installation of that proggie I get a BSOD, what would be the conclusion ? Hint: think logicaly. Here are some others having the same problem: http://www.wilderssecurity.com/showthread.php?t=197249 NB 1 I'm not blaming, I give info to other participants who may be facing the same problem NB2 How you know I did not contact LnS ? Are you clairvoyant ?
  6. Hello Kasperskynauts, To follow up my own thread: http://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?showtopic=57685 I have found that KAV and Lns are not working together since this latest version of KAV: this combi was the cause of BSOD on my rig. I have uninstalled LnS and voila......no blue screen and Kav is running. Hope Kaspersky will solve this problem. I love LnS (almost as much as KAV :give_heart2: ) cheers.
  7. Hello Kasperskynauts, I have tried running KAV 7.01.321. Window starts o.k. and KAV starts running "scan critical areas" for some moments and then I get the BSOD. Are there among you who also get this beautiful blue screen ? I have reinstalled
  8. Hi Ron, Agreed. I'm practising safe HEX. Some time ago I ran KAV 5, a firewalled router and Giant AntiSpyware I believe it was called as only protection for more than a year . These kept my rig as clean as a church floor. I am interested in pc security so I added some more proggies; don't think I realy need them. Like to experiment. I believe in layered defense, standalone proggies (hate suites, including KISS) and "less is more". this is my setup on my main partition: *firewalled router *KAV 6 *system safety monitor (paid) *lookNstop (for outbound protection only) and I use BootIT NG (can't praise this proggie enough) If malware succeeds to get on my rig with this setup, it deserves to be there
  9. Hello fellow Kasperskynauts, Kaspersky powerhouse is well known for its demolishing of Trojans. In another forum I have encountered the name of an anti-trojan called BOclean that seems to have quite a faithful following. Are there among you who use this proggie and, if yes, do you think this proggie adds something in terms of security to KAV/KISS ( in the anti-trojan department that is). nasdrowje, egghead
  10. Since a couple of days automatic updata does not function anymore on my rig. I know, KAV updates now every 4 hrs but....... *last update 23/1 23.55 hrs signatures published 23/1 22.22 hrs * logged in 24/1 11.24 hrs: same situation as above * did manual update 24/1 11.25 hrs: signatures published 24/1 9.54 hrs. I expected after logging in at 24/1 11.24 hrs the automatic update of 24/1 9.54 hrs Something seriously wrong here. This downgrades my beloved KAV to an ordinairy AV. KAV 6 version
  11. When Kaspersky ranks nr. 6 in a trojan dectection test, then there must be something wrong with the "test".
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