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  1. So I recently had that problem with a machine and opened a ticket with support. In my case we found that the files (17000+) would reappear in KSC but if you looked for them locally on the machine they didn't exist. To resolve the issue we had to delete them from the Quarantine/Unprocessed files on the local machine by open Kaspersky and going to Quarantine. Support thought it was probably an issue with the local KES not reporting correctly due to the large number or files.
  2. Whats funny is that not all of the reply's from the support tech are showing in CA yet and the resolution he originally proposed wasn't for the issue I was having. The tech actually ended up calling me and telling me that Kaspersky doesn't support 10.11 and KES 10 yet and then also send me the following email.
  3. I've been doing some more testing and found that with KES 10 for Mac and NA 10 after upgrading the names of the devices in KSC are incorrect. If you look at the Computer Properties for a device the "Windows name" will have the correct device name of the Mac but the "Domain name" will be incorrect. In my case it was showing as localhost. I opened a support ticket but told that since El Capitan is not a support OS that we have to wait for a patch to be released before it will be supported.
  4. So we just upgraded to OS X 10.11 with KES and NA and it seems to be working at this point. I'm not sure when Patch L was released but know for sure the device had Patch K prior to upgrading. We also upgraded a device that has KES 10 and the new NA v10 and that is working as well. I'll continue to test and post if I find anything else.
  5. Setting the Computer Status as warning in the selection did not help. I currently am using an events selection and working off of that in conjunction with glabrador's suggestion.
  6. I just tried that and still no machines show up. I think for know I'll just have to make due with what I have since we are getting close to license end date.
  7. Thanks that suggestion does help. I also created a new Event Selection instead of a computer selection that is giving me some information. Not sure why computer selection isn't work as it should but I think I have a good start to get what I need.
  8. I refreshed the selection and it is still empty. Even though I know it should show some machines.
  9. I guess I'm not sure which check box I need to check. I am only able to find "The license has expired or expires soon" and that one is already checked. Do you have a screenshot?
  10. Sorry about that. I've attached new screenshots; let me know if you need something else. ComputerStatus1.png - Shows the computer status of the machine (It doesn't show that the license is expiring soon on this screen even though it expires in 11 days.) ComputerEvents1.png - Shows the same computers events where is says License expires soon ComputerSelect2.png - Shows the main properties screen of the selection. ComputerSelection3.png - Is the conditions of the selection. I am unable to find the "license term expires soon" option as you stated. Mine appears to be bundled in with the Expired. If you have a screenshot that you could show me or an export of your selection that would help.
  11. Our license does expire on the 25th so I am trying to create the computer selection to help identify what machines have not gotten the new license yet. I've also attached the requested files. LicenseExpiresSoon.zip
  12. I've attached 3 screenshots. Hopefully they are what you are looking for.
  13. Within KSC you should have a Repositories section. Under there you will see Unprocessed Items and Quarantine; I am able to restore or delete items from there.
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