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  1. Hi, I have the same problem with Kaspersky OS deployment. Did the problem solve? thank you,
  2. Hi, Actually Arya is my friend. As you know GSI report has important information, so is there any private way to give you this report? thank you
  3. hi how can i confige this device in device control?
  4. Please tell me what product available from kaspersky for ESXI version 5.1 ? Thank you
  5. Hello. excuse me which version of kaspersky we can use for ESXI 5.1 ? Thank u.
  6. Hello. anybody know what is the Hard Drives in Device Control? for example if i'll block the Hard Drive in device control what will happen? Thank u.
  7. Hello can i decrease the time intervall? for example every 1 min. Thank u
  8. Hi you can see my log in attachment. thank u KESPatchMSI.rar
  9. I used the patch but at first it corrupts my KES and KES show me re-install the application error, so, I re-installed KES again and deployed patch to it but this time it did not corrupt my KES but patch did not work and https://gmail.com be open again do you using this patch? thank u
  10. I was create and The its number is INC000003161743
  11. Hi Yes, I'm using KSC 10.1.249 With KES
  12. Hi yes I was blocking all addresses by web control by any content and for everyone. all sites got blocked except https://www.google.com and https://www.mail.google.com the export of my protection policy is attached. thank u Protection_Policy.rar
  13. No We Can Block Http But We cant Block Https. for Example Https://www.gmail.com do you can bleck Https://www.gmail.com ?
  14. Hello. I Have this Problem I was testing your Solution But it Does Not Work and Gmail Will Be Open I think it will open because gmail uses https cause www.google.com will be open when in https and blocked when in http. Thanks.
  15. Some clients connected to the Kaspersky Server via WiFi and I blocked The WiFi Device in protection Policy, but the connections are OK and WiFi on these clients still works correctly. Should this policy disconnect these client or not? The Export of the active policy is attached. Thank u Protection_Policy.rar
  16. Hello I Using The KCS 10.1.249 And KES in The protection policy I blocked WiFi Device but the clients can useing the WiFi thank u
  17. the number of my submitted request is INC000002833941.
  18. The Export of my policy is attached. Protection_Policy.rar
  19. dear medvedev im blocking a application by application startup control and kaspersky works fine and the application is blocked. but when I add this application in startup and restart windows the application runs before kaspersky, so kaspersky cant detect it and the application works fine without blocking. but now if we exit that application and try to start it up again kaspersky will blocking that. Thanks for the follow-up
  20. No, and this is not just about freegate. Any software can be run before Kaspersky starts if it was available in windows startup.
  21. Hello I Have a problem, when Im blocking freegate software with kaspersky, the software cannot be run, but when I add Freegate in startup and it runs before kaspersky, kaspersky cant detect it and its works fine. Im using KSC 10.1.249 With KES im put freegate into a category by file checksum ( MD5 & SHA-256) and create a rule in Application Startup Control By deny for everyone Thank you
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