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  1. Vulnerability Assessment & Patch Management

    Hi, I crated an incident and its number is : INC000008063451 Thank you,
  2. Vulnerability Assessment & Patch Management

    Did you read the logs? There was no problem? WindowsUpdate.log
  3. Vulnerability Assessment & Patch Management

    Hi, The windows log was attached. Thanks,
  4. Vulnerability Assessment & Patch Management

    Unfortunately, the client is not accessible now. More than 50 gig in client.
  5. Vulnerability Assessment & Patch Management

    Hi, At first, I should say after reinstalling agent and removing update folder in client, the client became update but kaspersky occupied more than 50 gig in kaspersky update folder and this is the main problem. The windows update log was attached. Thanks WinUpdClient.evtx
  6. Vulnerability Assessment & Patch Management

    Is there anybody?
  7. Vulnerability Assessment & Patch Management

    hello, We are using Vulnerability Assessment & Patch Management components. We have some problem with it. First of all, we are using KSC 10.4.343 and KES 10 SP2 with advanced License. We just selected Critical update,security update and updates in update categorized for Win 7 in Install requiered update task. We have 2 problems: 1- for a client kaspersky task result said 17 of 17 are installed successfully But when we check windows update properties of client, it said 12 of 17 update are installed successfully and 5 of 17 updated are failed. 2- install required update task faced an error that it was: " Completed with error Error 1208/0x0 ('The file exists.') occurred while copying file 'C:\ProgramData\KasperskyLab\adminkit\1103\$FTClTmp\WUSE3D27D1BBE023B9C33E8ED4B97B378FD269D437B' to 'C:\ProgramData\KasperskyLab\adminkit\1103\wusfiles\E3\E3D27D1BBE023B9C33E8ED4B97B378FD269D437B.~tip-temp~'" But the main problem was that the task occupied about 40 Gig on "programdata folder" on client and some client more than 80 Gig. task result and configuration are attached. Configuration.txt resualt.txt
  8. KES 10 SP1 MR2 removal - Error 27200

    Thanks for your answer.
  9. KES 10 SP1 MR2 removal - Error 27200

    we tried to upgrade KES 10 MR2 to SP2 and after upgrading some of them became protection off. So, we decided to remove them but occurred the error 27200. We removed it with kavremover and installed again KES and it worked properly. Is there any problem in GSI report?
  10. KES 10 SP1 MR2 removal - Error 27200

    administrator user Installed KES SP2 remotlly by KSC.
  11. KES 10 SP1 MR2 removal - Error 27200

    sorry, so use this link https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6oJEYJPshXtZ3pIRElSZ0xtc3JsZ0JUcENjSm9pV2h5c1hv/view?usp=sharing Thanks
  12. KES 10 SP1 MR2 removal - Error 27200

    Hi, Hi, If you could not open previous link you can use this link : https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6oJEYJPshXtZ3pIRElSZ0xtc3JsZ0JUcENjSm9pV2h5c1hv/view?usp=drive_web Best Regard,
  13. KES 10 SP1 MR2 removal - Error 27200

    Hi, sorry for delay. After forum upgrading I could not find this topic. I could not attach that log because Its size is more than 10 MB so, The URL of that is : http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file=9cc1473092575c66a3a8e81edacc463f Thanks,
  14. KES 10 SP1 MR2 removal - Error 27200

    Hi, the KSC and Agent are 10.4.343. I do not have event log now but gsi attached. I will give you event log asap. Best Regard, GetSystemInfo_MALI_SHADMEHR_MALI_SHADMEHR_2017_07_01_09_58_29.zip
  15. KES 10 SP1 MR2 removal - Error 27200

    Hi, I upgraded the KSC to 10.4.343 and clients to 10 SP2 remotely But some of the clients after upgrading became protection is off. In task manager avp.exe is run but kaspersky is not running and when I trying remove it I got this error : Error 27200. Failed to unload application from RAM. I can remove Kaspersky by KAVremove manually But They are about 20 systems and Actually I want to know what is this error and how can I resolve it remotely. They are using Win 7. Thanks