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  1. Wez sie zdecyduj czy masz kod promocyjny, czy kod licencji, bo mieszasz...
  2. Tech support was quicker, without explanation what to do, full uninstall + clean reinstall done the work (normal uninstal for some reason, even with setting to clean all data, was leaving some leftovers). So, can be closed now...
  3. I would have actually "any better" by slightly modifying your instructions: Uninstall Kaspersky > restart the computer > do a checkdisk > install and activate anything else than Kaspersky, but with with working updates > restart the computer > update databases > restart again However, I have noticed one thing: I have the licenses for 20devices for some 200 days remaining and: 1. Instructing 20ppl to abandon their work and spend some 20-30minutes x 20 means 600minutes lost off their time, so the question remains: who will pay for the time lost? 2. What to do with the remaining, useless licenses for KIS? Definitely, it is very disappointing that none of AV Tests are showing the exposure level because of the f...up in the reliability of the software.
  4. Well, support/help seem to be working not only via beta/forum, but via the official way as well here: https://help.kaspersky.com/KTS/2018/en-US/119653.htm That could indicate that 2018 release is (more or less) ready. However, it seem that the download links are available so far for English and Russian versions only. Anyway: as soon as I will have my ticket replied, I will post it here (unless the KL employee would disclose the company plans here earlier). In any case, I would call it as a strange policy if: a) some countries are getting new versions MONTHS earlier than other b ) in a case that 2018 it technical update while 2019 will be commercial... well... in addition to a, b c etc, I would recommend adding "TR" to version name to avoid confusion. Do not get me wrong, I have 15 devices protected, and I am not an idiot (so I DO trust KL) but I am more and more confused. For example: let's imagine the situation when the jeleaous competitor would make the fake claim to authorities that I am using the pirated software in my company. They would pop in and ask for evidence of what I have purchased, and what I am using. Well... I have bought licenses for KTS 2017, which were updated as per KL support to 2018. "OK, you have the right for upgrade. Please provide us with the evidence that the 2018 was legally and commercially released". And that would be the point when I'd need to throw my machines through the window to avoid penalties That makes me feeling a bit incomfortable, you know... So, dear KL (if you are looking here) - please clarify what is a TR, officially released, what is CR, and what is the Beta and what can be legally used. I am happy to use your soft (even if it is not clearing the disapearing buttons in Outlook) in newest, most efficient version as long as: - it does not contain the beta or technical preview flaws; - it can be legally used
  5. Please wait until K-2018 is officially released! Don't use unofficial downloads! Gents, it is a bit confusing... I have obtained the download link from support to resolve MS Outlook "no buttons" issue (what did not helped anyway, as appears in 2018 version as well, see for example: While complaining that I do not want to test beta, RC etc. - I was told by support that they provided me with official link to final version... Therefore, I would appreciate a word of explanation: 1. Is the version I am using (KTS 2018 (b) the final product (e.g. who is cheating on me: support representative while claiming that he provided me with the final product link, or this forum Moderators while claiming that it is not ready yet)? 2. Are the Kaspersky ftp located files being uploaded by Kaspersky staff, e.g. are the files placed there the official downloads (one of links the Support team member provided me with) advised by Support, or are these files unofficial, as stated here by Moderators? Apart from question related to cheating, if the Kaspersky ftp placed files are not originating from Kaspersly Lab, that causes a question about the qualification if security soft providing company cannot secure their own ftp serwer... I would appreciate if (yes, I am doing this in parallel to have the record) in the addition of the Support team reply which I hope I will have via the just opened ticket, the forum Moderators could provide their reply to the above questions here. I believe that it shall help clarification of the currently existing and potentially arising in the near future (in a case of extension of the period for not releasing 2018 versions via more popular than ftp ways, like the home page maybe...?) questions. Thanks in advance.
  6. Sorry, I cannot agree: 1. I have no idea WHICH version is supported now, but I am certain that I will not downgrade browser. EACH time when FF is updated, KIS addon is disabled because of compatibility issue. It is likely, that KIS update in some times fixes such compatibility issue, however browser is usually two versions ahead. Even if not, sorry, I prefer to work, not to check compatibility daily if KIS is fixed, and even updated KIS is never turning addon on automatically. Therefore, its functionality on up to date browser is 0.0 2. Emm... I have to disagree. BETA version is when SOMETHING you shall test is not working, but you released it to public. For me, it happens ALWAYS with released product of KAspersky Lab., which, after being tested by PAID users, is fixed in betas, maintenance fixes and other prereleases. 3. Could I ask a simple question: Have you read what you wrote? 100% CPU use, lack of controls, what causes the PC unusable is LOW PRIORITY? sorry then, but using your philosophy, I would be most secure just switching my machine off. I paid for having PC working, while being secured, not to be secure and not able to work. Comparing it with car industry, lack of brakes release ability you would presumably call low priority, because stationary car cannot cause incidents, right? Furthermore, looking on the point 1 above (addons incompatibility) I have serious doubts about your statement. If something is turned off because of compatibility issues, for me, it odes not work, so I'd tent to suppose that turned off features are NOT protecting my machine, right? Finally, on this forum, ppl claiming high CPU use are getting advices to turn off some features of protection to be able to work on their machines (like idle scan, rootkit scan etc.). Same as for addons, I think that following such advices decreases the protection level, isn't it? 4. Mentioned SOME problems, are appearing on ALL (sorry, WERE appearing, uninstallation and installation of other software did the job) of my computers, which are of various configuration and models (one common: all are the laptops). True is, that SOME users reported it, while most just uninstalled test versions and went forward. Unfortunately, as I said before, I bought 10 licenses, but I will follow others as well 4. In this forum, I see that MR1 release should be available quite soon written since July. Now we have SEPTEMBER. Let me check...07, 08, 09. Three months, what is 25% of the year. Have you refunded single user with 25% of the product price for the period, in which something he paid is not working as it should? People are paying you for product which would keep them protected while they play or work, not for something what would allow them to use their machines only if they would drop down the protection level (for lower protection level they would rather choose FREE products of your competitors). I am sure not, because... it is low priority issue for you. As I mentioned before, I used the KIS since several years on multiple machines, and with each released version I had the feeling that it works worse and worse adding more and more to the resources consumption. 8 cores CPU 99% load, constant SSD grinding, constant HDD spinning and my PC is converted into household heating device. Enough. I do not want any refunds, I do not want any: use beta, turn that protection component off, wait for compatible addon advices. I want product ready to be used. Obviously, you are unable to deliver it, so it is YOUR will. Ask your sales department how many others were/are/will follow my step of just using something else from the market. and do not spend your precious resources on providing mentioned above "useful advices", but concentrate on provision working product. Your customers (me including) paid you for this.
  7. I carefully read most of the topics related with KIS 2015. Since July, it seems that Kaspersky Lab is aware about not working controls (idle scan, rootkit scan, gaming mode) and excessive CPU load caused by new version. Similarly, both, 2014 and 2015 versions are not compatible with one of most popular browsers (firefox) in version above 30. Users, while asking for help, are told that Kaspersky is aware of that and that the "Maintenance Release" will sort most of the problems. Few got advice that if they in a hurry, they CAN try a beta version of this Miantenance Release in the BETA version of RELEASE Candidate (by the way, simplest name for such would be: ALPHA version, wouldn't it?). And, this is not once happening situation. situation is persisting at least since 2012 products, and is continuing with 2015 line. Well, let's be honest: we are group of beta testers who paid to be allowed to use non functional, faulty, beta version of the so-called protection product (if the controls and basic compatibility is not working, I think that the question about the protection ability is well justified). However, I must admit that I had enough. I just found that since some 6 or 7 years I am beta tester who is paying yearly subscription for 10 devices (2x5PC license) and I did not got what I paid for. It is time to move elsewhere, I think, if Kaspersky Lab would not stop their activity of releasing pre-alpha products to test it on paid users. Therefore I will wait patiently, keeping my KIS on two machines only just to be able to observe if such unacceptable situation would be stopped or if KIS' staff would continue to ignore basic good practice rules. In all that, there is one bright spot: Kaspersky Lab is not alone on the market.
  8. Followed instructions. 110.01MB downloaded, update applied, no errors. Thanks for the support. One final question: shall I keep the Kaspersky Update servers disabled, keeping the given by you source only, or shall I restore it?
  9. So far: HitMan uninstalled, update is running since 07:00 (immediately after the restart. current (08:00) status: 24%, 2.14MB. Is it NORMAL? :|
  10. Hmm.. I'll try, but: I installed HitManPro some time ago, and the problem occured just yesterday... Anyway, I'll try and post the result here.
  11. For Baldrick The Big Two logs of Kaspersky update issues: GSI log and Update log. New members of this forum don't know that the Big Two have been requested 510 204.08 times on this forum. It looks like I need to be more specific in All cases, as I apparently quite erroneously thought that an Advanced Member III, Group: Gold Beta Testers person would: a] Know to post the Big Two logs with his update issues post, and b] Know what they are, when reminded that we, of course, need them. -------------- Please post your GetSystemInfo report link, instructions are located in the sixth (6th) Important topic. Please see the small print that is located at the bottom of this message. Please attach the update report. Main Kaspersky window, Reports > upper right > Detailed reports, upper left > dropdown > Update, select the current entry > Save icon at upper right > Save, save it somewhere and attach it to your next post. If the file is too large to upload, then zip it (right click, send to > compressed zipped folder) and upload the zip. ================================================================================ OK, here are the logs... Additional info: I reinstalled KIS yesterday, when the authentication error occurred first time. NOTE: the logs provided are taken just prior to installing the Avast (as I stated previously, I think it is better to have something with the recent database rather than the brilliant product with error). edit: add message for the Original Poster. GetSystemInfo_2013_12_12_06_30_55.rar update_errors.txt
  12. Cannot edit: since the authentication error, I have constant: "network operation timeout expired" message.
  13. I have exactly same issue: authentication error. Nice. 110 days remaining, 5PCs license, and I have been left with the database from September. does anyone know if I'll install Avast as the temporary solution (they have worse protection, but recent database) - do I need to uninstall the paid product, which cannot trust its own database files (called by most ppl: KIS 2014) ?
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