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  1. Hi, When we tried to install the Kaspersky Endpoint Security MR1 and on the Win 7 Professional, it shows that fatal error during installation and all the installation rol backs. In the installation logs it shows that the the error "1603". Any one have idea about this issue? Thank You !
  2. Hi, Actually this issue is on our customer side. So When the issue arises they just disable the KES and internet starts working. Please check the logs if you find any thing please let me know. KL CentralSupport means I have to open Incident through company account? Please advise. Thank You !
  3. Hi, Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 MR1 is installed on the client machines. If you want the GSI report as well as the Events I can Send in you PM. Thank You.
  4. Hi, We have some users which are reporting that some times kaspersky blocks the internet access. When they disable the Kaspersky the internet start working. I tired to investigate whether it was due to kaspersky or not but didn't find any useful information. Please advise. Thanks
  5. Yes, actually I am planning to install Kaspersky Security Center on a Public IP, so that the client machine can connect to KSC over internet. I have found a link in KB to install KSC as a service provider "http://support.kaspersky.com/2734" Kindly let me know what might be the security loop holes if we open 13000 and 14000 ports on server running on public IP? If there are any recommendations for the configuration kindly let me know. Thanks
  6. hi, Can we do installation of Kaspersky in ISP Level ? How to deploy Kaspersky as an ISP provider? is it possible? Any recommendations or Document will be very helpful. Thanks !!
  7. I mentioned earlier that we have some customers with KSC installed on server having 500 clients and still they are facing this issue. For testing purpose I have installed in Win 7, and facing this issue? Installing on Server mean no solution for Win7?
  8. Hi, Yes this is localhost, but we have some clients which are reporting this issue. They have more than 500 computers. I shared this screen shot for reference, because I am also facing this issue. Find attached screen shot for the output of klnagchk.exe. Thank You!
  9. Hi, This is not a solution, how to uninstall from a network of 500 computer. For Security Center itself the status is same. so I have to uninstall the administration server to fix this issue? Anyone from Kaspersky ?? Require your response. Thank You !
  10. Hi, I have installed Kaspersky Security Center 10 MR1 and KES10 MR1 with patch a. On the Kaspersky Security Center it shows that "Restart is Required" but I have restarted the machine many times. I have also installed the patch a for Kaspersky Security Center but the status is still there. Please advise. Win 7 Ultimate is the Client OS version. find the attached screen shot. Thanks
  11. Hi, This issue is on the computers on which Kaspersky is installed. Once we uninstall the kaspersky its working fine. Tried with firewall disabled and enabled but same response.
  12. Hi, We are trying to install the Kaspersky Security Center 10 MR1 on Windows Server 2012 Standard Edition. During the installation it gives error "Error While Installing: System Error 0x421(The Account name is invalid or does not exist, or the password is invalid for the account name specified.). We tried all possible administrator username and password but no luck. Incident Created = INC000003007397 If you want the KL Installation logs, Events and GSI, they are attached with the incident also I can send in a link. Attached is the screenshot of the error. Thanks
  13. Hi, Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 MR1 on client system and Express VPN v3.416 is not working. We tried to put exclusion rules by application and folder also but no luck. We tried to disable all the protection components of kaspersky but again same result. We exited the application from the system but it wasn't working. Once we uninstall the Kaspersky then the application (express VPN) starts working. Please advise. Incident Registered, here is the ID = INC000003004006 Thanks
  14. Hi, Request already created. Here is the Incident Number : INC000002991599 Thanks
  15. We are facing an issue with web control in Endpoint Security version. We blocked Social Networks in the category by content categories. But on the end user is not able to open http://www.jumeirah.com/ and www.atlantisthepalm.com. When we try to use same settings in Kaspersky Security Center 10.1.249 and Endpoint Security the websites was working. Also please see the attached screen shots. Thanks screenshot.zip
  16. Hi, I am using Kaspersky Security Center MR1. We want to get the Virus Report. Thanks
  17. Hi, I have 10 Slave servers named(a-j). I want to generate a collective report from 4 specific servers (b,c,d,e) from Master Server. Master Server should contain data only from these 4 servers. So is it possible that we can get a report from that servers not from all slave servers. Best Regards, Yasir Shehzad
  18. Hi, Yes I got the patch, Can I use this patch also for the servers? I will test it and will update. Thanks.
  19. Hi, Request Submitted on company account and here is the number "INC000002898514". Thanks.
  20. Hi, I am using Kaspersky Endpoint Security MR1 patch a installed. When I go to the kaspersky icon in tray, it shows me the "Database release date" a day before the current date. e.g. 3/26/2014 3:35:00 PM. But when I open the kaspersky application-> Tasks and it shows me "3/27/2014, databases are up to date". When I exit the application and then starts it again. It shows me the correct date and time. How can I overcome this issue? Thanks
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