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  1. Hi All, kaspersky Not working in safe mode. I try it on safe mode and safe mode with networking also but it's not working. kaspersky state is disable. please check snapshots Please assist on this!
  2. Dear Kaspersky Team, As we now kaspersky endpoint security will support windows 10 in December or November end. But customer concern is, its a very late support from Kaspersky to customers. and late support become a bad image of kaspersky as per business point-of-view. we have many customers who ask the question regarding windows 10 support and when we guide him as per the information mention in kaspersky site. They reply us why not kaspersky work on this matter before the windows 10 official release and support accordingly. that was the feedback of customers regarding kaspersky support. Hopefully windows 10 support available as soon as possible. Regards, netbuster
  3. Dear Team, I have a query regarding kaspersky old licensing scheme. as we now current license scheme is CORE,SELECT,ADVANCE,TOTOAL I want to now what was license names before above changes. it's about 4,5 year ago. Regards, NB
  4. yes this is 64 bit machine. but we also have other 64 bit machines and there is no issue like this. then why i need some special patch. ? my question is just for proper understanding of the issue
  5. Dear Team, KES SP1 installation error is attached what is the solution of this error? Reg, NB
  6. Dmitry Eremeev, This is Hp printer DLL file and as you share article systems is not infected. it is scanned installed by kaspersky
  7. I already done this Brother as follows: 1. Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 Service Pack 1 for Windows ( 2. around 2200 out of 4300 and our target is 8000 3. yes I exit and same issue. 4. yes I try one by one all components and turn off all components 5. same result. Note:the solution work only when we reset the winsock service and net/ip service.
  8. Dear Team, The case is when we install Kaspersky SP1 on windows 7. system stop working with Internet. in some cases even not able to ping someone. but mostly we face the issue like browsing stopped, online application stop working. and Restarting the systems automatically after every 15 to 20 minutes. and we find the solution for this that is if we reset the win sock and Net/Ip service and restart the system and connect back to network. then system able to connect to network and working smoothly. The question is why Kaspersky interrupt the both mention service. And what is the solution of this case through KSC. Because it is not possible every time to restart these services. Details GSI attached download from Here Please assist Thanks.
  9. Not helpful I am logged as administrator and I can install every product of world using this account expecting NA.
  10. Hello Team, There is an error during installation of Network agent on windows 7 machine. please check attachments for more detail. please assist _klnagent_setup_2015_08_11_10_09_05.log
  11. Hello Helmut, after instillation of patch C me and Mikrotik conform that the patch is installed correctly as mention. But systems state is still same. can you assist us on this further ??
  12. After deleting From unassigned and manged group. I add the system again in the group and results are still same. system not visible in KSC server.
  13. is it need to delete from unassigned also? also note that this is slave server if I delete it from unassigned is it need to be deleted from master server unassigned group??
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