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  1. It a situation w/ 800 desktops and 1 KSC server running across 17 sites with site speeds from 10/50mbit would you use the agent or kes10 to do the vulnerability or the agent? Thanks, just looking for a reason to go one way vs another. Our ksc server is on a vm w/ not the best disk performance if that matters.
  2. I don't mind removing unneeded machines manually. Can you confirm that having all my keys set to "automatically deployed key" is the correct way, I was under the assumption you only wanted one set that way but let me know if I'm wrong.
  3. So you are saying that in my screenshot attached, all those keys should be set to "Automatically deployed key" and KSC will balance out the keys as computers are removed/added from KSC?
  4. That is correct, I just dont want errors in ksc about license issues.
  5. We started with about 600 keys for KES10 in our KSC10 server. Over the years we have added 30 here, 20 here and 10 there. I have about 8 keys with 10-40 seats in them, I try and do a balancing act by pushing some keys to some computers, but I have to stay up on this every month or so as computers are replaced/removed. Is there a better way I'm missing?
  6. Trying to use update agents at all my sites and want to make sure I'm doing everything correctly. If i go to "Update agents - > properties -> Network Discovery" should I enable IP subnet scanning? What exactly will this do that Unassigned computers -> IP subnets does not do already? Thanks!
  7. I have not but I will start there, thank you!
  8. Yes and I got the PM thank you!. We have MR1 on about 800 clients. Will I be able to push SP1 to everyone as a upgrade or will we have to uninstall first?
  9. Looking for a change/fix log for 10.2.2. Also is this update able to be applied over without a uninstall/reinstall on client desktops?
  10. Absolutely, do you want me to do it via the kaspersky support ticketing system? if not how would you like the file uploaded/hosted.
  11. Everything else does apply and work correctly. Web Control even has all the rules showing, just does not do what the rules state (ie blocking a website). Again its just this computer, that same user will be blocked on a different computer. We have tried removing KES10 and agent and starting over 3 times and no change. Very strange, not sure where to look for a possible cause.
  12. Yes they are, I even tested by adding a random policy and it showed up on machines that are not blocking.
  13. When we first deployed KES10 we did not use web control. We started to about 6 months back but have noticed some computers (even with a uninstall/reinstall of KES10) just do not block sites added to block lists like %90 of the other computers do. We have ruled out it being a user/group issue as the same user who can browse blocked sites on one computer cannot on a computer that is functioning correctly. Any ideas where to start for troubleshooting this? I have checked the computers that are not blocking sites and all policies show under webcontrol. thanks!
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