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  1. Hi, I have just this second renewed by KIS license and in the confirmation email, all that was there is a download link and so other information but no activation key. I have gone to the link and put in my order number and password provided in the email and all that is there is information of my order. So can this be resolved please? Danny
  2. Hi, I have recently been getting Windows Explorer crashing and restarting a few times a day for over a few weeks now, so this morning I had time to start a full scan. When I returned home 3 hours later I found the scan to be only 23% complete and when I tried to move my mouse or stop the scan all together I couldn't ? So I was wondering if anyone can offer any ideas as to why this is happening. My systems specs are average so I cant see why KIS scan would bring my whole system to a virtual halt. Thanks Danny
  3. Im using the latest version of KIS, also what do you mean when you say disable components ?
  4. I have done, with the Steam.exe, TF2.exe and the gameoverlayUI and have all boxes ticked like you mention above but still having problems connecting!
  5. Hi, I have searched the forums and couldn't find anything, so here is my problem, I used KAV until last week when I purchased KIS, now ever since then my Tram Fortress has been lagging, stuttering and now I cant even connect to servers ? I have added the game and Steam.exe to the trusted applications list, rebooted but this has had no effect ? I know for sure that its KIS, as I uninstalled the program and started Steam and then TF2 and I was able to connect to a server and played for well over an hour with no sign of lag, I then tried all the servers that I was failing to connect to when KIS was installed and I connect to every singe one of them. So what is causing this problem, I dont want to stop using KIS but if I cant play my games, then I will end up having to go to this extreme : ( Thanks Danny
  6. It's the same code you posted about on the 26th? What do you mean!
  7. Hi, I have just got my old brother to purchase KIS 09, and he still hasn't received his customer Id number or email, we went to the estore link that we got from the element email confirmation and its saying that the payment has not yet been received, we put the correct card details in and everything but we don't want to try again in case he gets charged twice. Dan
  8. Hi, I have just purchased IS and for some reason I havent recieved an email giving me my activation code or anything like it, all I have is an email from element 5 saying thank you for your purchase. I have logged into my personal cabinet and all I have is my AV license there? Anyone help me please Thanks Danny
  9. Hi, I was looking but could'nt find it on the website (half asleep) on how much it would cost to upgrade from KAV 2009 to KIS 2009, I have only recently upgraded my subscription in the last month or so, with that in mind would I get a bit of a discount ? Thanks Danny
  10. Hi, I recently had my hard drive die on me and I have lost my serial for my Kaspersky AV so I was wondering if someone could please send me a link to download the AV software and also my serial please? Thanks Dan
  11. Yes I tried that but I have lost , or haven't got a Customer ID and password? Danny
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