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  1. Hello Every one 

    Allow to me ask a Question, Question related to the Deployment of Operating system.  When completed a task then restart client machine, than connection error occur

    I use kaspersky security center 10.5, and Kaspersky Endpoint security 11, Error pictrue find in attachemet  




  2. Connection error while deploy operating system

  3. Hello, Disable each component one by one, you will come to know which component is blocking your application. Thank You!
  4. Hello, There is one more option we have e.g. Clear Update repository of KSC and download again. Now distribute that update to endpoints. Thank You!
  5. For example, if devices with KES 11 lies in unassigned devices should automatically moved to their respective group and same goes for KES10 as well. Hello, I think it is possible, 1- please check Un-assigned system Properties; 2- Check installation method to move system in a specific group. e.g. stand alone package, etc. Thank You!
  6. Hello, Check Admin Server properties. It is possible. Thank You!
  7. Hello, In the title of the policy it is showing that this Policy is converted (may be you upgraded the KES version). Please note that this policy is surely applying on the same endpoint you are talking. You may check it via klnagchk.exe via command prompt. Thank You!
  8. Hello, Please go through the guide and follow the below link for more information. https://support.kaspersky.com/learning/courses/kl_108.10 Thank You!
  9. Hello, I would love to explain that via Kaspersky Security Center but you have Small Office Security since you should post it in the proper section to get help soon. https://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?/forum/188-kaspersky-small-office-security/ Thank You!
  10. Hello, Its easy. 1- If you have domain environment, you can block RDP via policy OR if you have workgroup environment then keep it disable from the Properties of Computer. 2- From KES policy there is a separate rule of it (which can be seen in your attached image). Keep it disable. You will see RED block icon. Lastly, you may have more then one policy therefore make sure you inheritance is disable from KES policy properties Thank You!
  11. Hello, This section of forum specific for Business. Please Click here to post your query. Thank You!
  12. Hello, I think there is no anti-spam in Kaspersky Endpoint Security 11. Thank You!
  13. Dear Friends, I seen that Vulnerability scanning has been removed from KES 11. Does it mean that we cannot fix vulnerabilities on system from KSC? Thank You!
  14. Hello, Please click here to find info. about system watcher component also if you think your file is clean then contact KL support via company account. Thank You!
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