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  1. PS: I have tried the install with both local and domain admin accounts...
  2. Hi Guys, sorry having to open this subject again but I'm stuck one more time with the KSC install.... I have reconfigured all the lab with WS2012, but I'm still having some issues.. When i launch the setup everything goes fine until it actually starts the installant process. I get a "system error 0x57" error message and the installation fails. I went to the event viewer to have some details and noticed it's an authorization problem, no matter which account i chose, i can't access to some registry keys. In the details i can see it's a couple of keys that can't be accessed by MsiInstaller. They are located in "Hkey_local_machine\Software\Classes\Component Categories". In the security settings of those keys i can see that TrustedInstaller is already the owner, but administrators group and system only have Read rights. And obviously there's no way to change that setting since i can only "read".... Do you have any idea that can help or will i have to roll back to WS2008...? Kind regards
  3. Yes I think the install on 2012 shouldn't be a problem. If there is any I'll open a new thread for some support. Thank you, topic solved.
  4. Well that's too bad... I really would have expected it to be compatible since R2 is available ssince some time now.. But okay I'll cope with it and install 2012 instead. Thanks to everyone I'll confirm once I'm done configuring it on 2012.
  5. Thanks a lot for the info provided Halil! This is the third lab that I set up for a KSC cluster and I have the same result every time : services not running on the second server. In all three environments I had WS2012 R2 so maybe it isn't supported as it was reported to you. Dmitry, I followed every step as per the article, and the KSC is functional on a node meaning the install is supposed to be correct (on that node at least). Can you confirm that it isn't supported in 2012 R2? If you think it is, I am still open to finding a solution.
  6. I'm using version 10.2.434 of KSC. SQL server 2012 also if the info can be of some help
  7. Hello guys, I am installing a KSC cluster on a couple of WS2012 R2 servers. Everything works fine long as the server holding the service is the one on which the installation was preformed. But when i try to transfer the role to the second server, i have some functional failures. The clustered services simply do not start on the second server, and the KSC cluster is failed. The account used for the install and for launching the services already has admin rights on both servers and the services are well visible on the second server with the same parameters as the first server. VM configuration is similar for both, 4 Gb of RAM, same processors, and same vHD size, plus iSCSI storage accessible to both. Does anyone have some ideas on this issue pls?
  8. Okay I will do it asap and let you know. Thanks!
  9. Yes the ports on KSC and KES are opened and traffic allowed. Even when I check the "Do not disconect" box, the clients leave the administration group after being shut down... Any other idea?? * There is no link being those computers (except they are on the same domain), they are on different hardware, use different software applications, and are on different locations...
  10. Yes the KSC is polling different subnets but the clients are on defined subnets, they get IPs of the same subnet everytime. Even reinstallation of the KSC and of the net agents/AV many times did not fix it...
  11. Hi all, I need some help with KSC (10.0.3361). I have KES clients in my management groups, all with KES and the network agent (10.0.3361). But some of the clients, always the same ones, leave the administration group and go to unassigned computers. They are marked as newly discovered computers and when they are brought back to the groups (any group), their sttus is "critical" because "KES is not installed" and even the network agent is missing. When you look at the computers themselves, KES and the net agent are both installed and running correctly. Does anyone have a solution to fix this issue??
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