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  1. I am about to deploy patch C of Kaspersky Security Center 10 and I wanted to get some information. Right now when I'm installing a new computer, I deploy the client and the agent on the computer. Then I have 3 separate tasks set up to install Patch B, Patch CVE-2014-0160 and Patch CVE-2014-0224 in order for the new computer to be completely patched. With this new Patch C, do I still need to install the other patches? Can I get rid of those other tasks and simply have a task that installs Patch C? Will this cover the 3 patches mentionned above? Thanks!
  2. Yes, I'm perfectly aware of the "reply" I was given. The problem is that the reply is a bunch of nonsense. After sending all the logs, traces, and everything else that Kaspersky asked me to send, after more than a month of waiting I get a reply yesterday asking to put a "patch" on the Network Agent which will put it to "b". However, all of our clients are already on version "b" and I didn't even have to install a patch for that as deploying the agent from the Kaspersky Security Center automatically puts the agent with the "b" version on every computer. After I mention this, I'm then told I have to resubmit every single log, traces and everything else I've already sent because they say that my "screenshot" provided doesn't match with the logs I sent more than a month ago. Again, this is complete bullshit. I originally sent a screenshot showing the schedule for my task which clearly shows that the task is scheduled to run on Thursday night at 7:00pm. I also sent a screenshot of the task execution log which clearly shows that on a sample computer, the task is running on Thursday morning, Friday morning and Monday morning. It is clear as day. Then I was asked to provide event logs, traces and a bunch of other things from that sample computer, which I did so that Kaspersky can examine all those logs and traces and figure out why it's running at those non-scheduled times. And now, more than a month later, I'm told that because my "sample screenshot" that shows the task running on non-scheduled days is not showing the EXACT same days from the logs and traces that were sent that there's nothing they can do and I have to resubmit everything. I am completely baffled. Why would it matter? The task runs on EVERY Thursday, Friday and Monday morning regardless of the dates! Asking me to resubmit everything again is basically like saying: "we don't believe you" despite all the screenshots I sent clearly showing how the results of the scan task doesn't fit with the schedule of the task. And all the logs and traces I sent should clearly show that the task in question RAN on those wrong days. Why would you need a screenshot of the Kaspersky Security Center task result for that computer showing that it ran on those days when you have even more thorough logs and traces showing the exact same thing in more details??? This is without a doubt Kaspersky's way of delaying the whole process and trying to buy time because they have no clue what they're doing. Why would they wait more than a month to tell me they're "supposedly" missing something when they've mentioned in the past that they were continuing to look at the logs to figure out the problem and in the meantime trying to give me other bogus solutions like the "patch" for the Agent which was already installed anyway before suddenly pretending that they don't have all the required things by pretending they need a bogus screenshot showing what they already have in the logs and traces I sent. I know I'm not going to get an answer from any Kaspersky employee here because the only thing they do on these boards is say "give me the case number and we'll look into it" or "look into your case number, we've just sent a response" even when those responses are bogus and only made in order to make themselves look like they are "looking into it" for the sake of people looking at these message boards. At this point, I'm fully expecting Kaspersky to update my case number in 3 months with something like: "did you check to see if the computer in question was plugged into the power outlet?". This is ridiculous... I've already spent hours and hours talking with tech support for this issue and then collecting a ton of logs, traces and doing a bunch of tests I was asked to do and after all this time and after waiting for a response for more than a month, I'm told to start over from the begining again for an absolutely bogus reason.
  3. Glad to see how efficient Kaspersky support is. Still waiting for a resolution to this and I love how Kaspersky seems to be completely baffled but something as "basic" as task scheduling. Other users are having the same problem too so I doubt it's an isolated issue. It's like they don't even know how their own software works. Have they even tried to set up a lab with the same settings I have mentioned in my numerous e-mail to replicate the problem internally? Are they aware of the problem but too incompetent to fix it so they just wait and wait and do nothing? After everything I've read on these forums, I have absolutely no confidence in Kaspersky anymore and we've only had the product for a few months. I can't imagine how such a big company with a renowned name in the antivirus field could appear to be such amateurs when it comes to making a software that actually works or give even the most basic support.
  4. Still waiting for an answer on this. Spent a TON of time collecting logs, traces and everything else I was asked so I expect Kaspersky to be able to give me a status on this problem.
  5. Okay, here is the INC for one of our ticket. Support said he was forwarding this to HQ and he asked me to provide a ton of traces, log files, etc, which I did and now I'm waiting for an answer. INC000002162458 This is about the virus scan task running on multiple days even though it's scheduled only once per week.
  6. Ivan, the problem is that I don't have INC numbers. We just started using Kaspersky in July and so far I've only been using the "chat support" so I don't have INC numbers. Last week, I created our business account on Kaspersky so I could submit tickets through there. I'll start to open tickets for these issues but to be honest, when I see people here who mention having some of these problems for months and it's "still" not fixed and THEY have tickets opened, I don't have much hope that it's going to make a difference. But, I'll do my part and try anyway.
  7. I'm happy I found this thread since I now feel like I'm not alone in this world. After contacting support about 15 times in less than 2 months of having Kaspersky, I was starting to get the feeling that I was the only person in the world using this software because how else can anybody explain having so many issues on a product that is supposedly renowned? Like many have said here, it really feels like we are beta testing this software. It's just one issue after another... none of them related to actual viruses. On that front, no infections yet and Kaspersky seems to be doing a good job. Problem is, I spend more time trying to make Kaspersky WORK in our environment than I would spend time cleaning viruses from computers with absolutely no AV software installed. That's just not normal. Every issues I've seen mentioned in this thread and others, we've also had or still have. Tasks running on the wrong days for example. We have a global task scheduled for a big scan on all of our computers at 7:00pm on Thursday night. However, for some reason on MANY of our computers (more than half), the scan is running on Thursday morning, Friday morning and Monday morning. 3 times a week and during work hours so it's slowing down the computers. We also have the issue where we can't manage the tasks from the Security Center for some computers (about 6 of them). In the Tasks section of the computers, no tasks have the green arrows even though the tasks ARE started when we look on the actual computers. When I try to start the task on the Security Center for that computer, it just gives a "cannot start the task" error. There's a thread here in this forum about this issue but Kaspersky doesn't seem to know why it's happening. We also had a few clients who were working fine and then started not working all of a sudden with a licence violation error even though the licence was perfectly valid on the computer and we were far from exceeding our licence numbers. Support had no idea why and we had to completely reinstall the client and then it started working again. Not a big deal but this shouldn't be happening for no reason at all. Many of our users complaining about their PC being very slow since we switched from Symantec to Kaspersky. Many software that we use now run incredibly slow and as soon as we deactivate Kaspersky on the computer, everything starts running fast. I constantly have to add exceptions and rules so that things can work correctly. We've had issues with custom Hosts files on computers being reset by Kaspersky thinking it's a virus, FTP clients who stopped being able to connect, etc. Yeah, a lot of it can be fixed with exceptions or disabling some modules but it's a pain to originally configure everything. It's only been 2 months and we're still constantly working through issues and bugs, etc. Anyway, just wanted to vent my frustration since many others here seem to be in the same boat. Like the others, I'm anxiously waiting for the MR1 hoping that this will fix a lot of our issues but like many of you I don't have high hopes. It really DOES seem like Kaspersky is run by a few programmers in their basement being overwhelmed by something that is now too big for what they can handle. This doesn't feel like a professional company with a finished product that works as advertised. This feels like an open source software where users are the beta testers and support is slow in fixing the issues.
  8. I understand you completely. After 7 years of Symantec use and seeing a ton of infections on our user's computers that Symantec let through, I was so sick of Symantec that I recommanded to my boss that we change our AV to Kaspersky. We just ordered a 3 year licence back in July and after only 2-3 months, I'm already fed up with Kaspersky. It seems like 80% of my time at work now is trying to fix bugs and issues related to Kaspersky. This is discouraging... We too have this problem of a few PCs not having the green arrows in the Tasks and being unable to start the tasks remotely from the Security Center with that "Cannot start the task" error. From my count it seems to be 6 computers out of our 130 deployed. Yeah, not a huge number but it's still not something that should be happening. We never had any of these types of issues with Symantec. Everything always worked perfectly in terms of managing the clients and the communication between the server and the clients.
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