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  1. never mind, I just re-run the MR1 installer and it asked again to convert my policies, everything is fine now.
  2. Our strategies were not converted during installation of the MR1 update, can this process be relaunched after installation? Thanks
  3. What's really scary is that I have a perfectly identical support experience with a different problem. I just ended up finding a fix myself after hours of so called support and providing GSI, traces and screenshot. Providing all those logs are a pain but required to fix the problem, I get that but if you don't end up fixing the problem it can drive a man crazy. Anyway I really hope that MR1 is some kind of magical updates that fixes all the annoyances because my boss is not happy about our new 3 years contract with Kaspersky... Good luck to all
  4. Sorry but we found another way to uninstall MSE so the GSI can't be made now. Sorry Eddie but we ended up removing MSE with a script and some MS tools...I can send you my method in private if you want.
  5. here's the report : http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...8b48c1c347dc0c7
  6. Nevermind, a patch was applied by another person, that's what caused the reboot. Thanks
  7. Well I'm running a task to uninstall incompatible apps remotely and it fails on some computers and is fine on other computers. What is a GSI report?
  8. Hi, we have some Windows XP x86 PCs and Windows 7 x64 PCs that fail the removal process from Security Center 10, we tried to create task from the incompatible list and from the application registry list, always fails, anyone have the same problem? Here's the MSE version we have and Kaspersky support already sent new .ini files but it doesn't work any better. Thanks
  9. Hi, we have Security Center 10 and sometimes when KES 10 updates itself it asks for a reboot, does it happen often to have to reboot after a simple defs update? Thanks
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