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  1. :dash1: No...I meant .....how do I close my Kaspersky forum account altogether? Please write or PM me in English. I don't understand Russian. Thanks! :pray:
  2. I want to close this forum altogether but the emails I get are all in RUSSIAN, so I don't see a link in the email as to how to unsubscribe can someone help me????
  3. Thanks very much. Today I returned PURE to Best Buy and bought Webroot.
  4. I noticed my post was moved to the thread regarding Firefox that has now been locked and to my understanding there is some sort of update coming October 13. Am not sure this will help so I'm going to try returning the PURE 3.0 back to Best Buy and probably get another type of security. Are there certain browsers that DO work BETTER with PURE 3.0 where one doesn't have to keep on getting patches to resolve incompatibilities?????
  5. I just bought PURE 3.0 today at Best Buy and it was probably on sale for a reason! I have Firefox 24 and after I did the install today after getting back from the store it said that all of the features/plug-ins etc etc were incompatible with Firefox 24.... I still have a Dell Dimension 4500 with Windows XP. Yes I have a dinosaur but the PURE 3.0 should still work as the box matches the specs on my PC. What do I do? Return the PURE 3.0 to Best Buy? Or hold on waiting for a patch to appear online SOON? I went to the Firefox site to post my question but I was put in password reset circular hell. :dash1: :dash1: :dash1: Thanks in advance. Imaginary virtual latte for whomever can provide me with a solution fast!
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