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  1. Yes of course, only one policy of each product can be active at a time and belong to their groups. Policy_for_KES10SP1__Permit_All_.rar
  2. Hi, Yes, I am using two network agent connection, one in local and in province. For the province connection, the policy download through Update Agent only. One thing for KES policy also have two polices in parent and child group (block device). If need any info, please kindly let me know. thanks. KSC_Policy.rar
  3. Please kindly download from this one: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/w6r1oq7xm90z8pt/...RWxre7VFWa?dl=0 thanks.
  4. Morning! Please download from this link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/am5zvwicq9m62gd/...Kx5bwjcnTa?dl=0 thanks!
  5. Morning! I see only them in picture, if can, I will upload them.
  6. I am not sure about any dumps, please check in picture. For event log Kaspersky, system, and application, I will send to your Inbox. Thanks!
  7. Dear, After I upgraded new KSC 10.2.434, some KES10MR or KES10SP1 seem don't get policy from KSC until I modified to apply on policy, then the client can get it properly, but modified policy can keep a short time or later restart, then the client rollback "no policy". Please see a sample no policy in picture. Thank,
  8. I go it, he said that "Synflood means more than 300 connections per 5 seconds. It’s normal for server machine , so this detection is in non-blocking mode." Thank you, you can close this case.
  9. Hi everyone, I see network attack report on my file server has been attacked by some computers on "DoS.Generic.SYNFlood" TCP 88,135,389... Those computers are new install Windows, and also use KES10MR1. This is a false positive or virus attack? Please help to this. Thanks!
  10. Hi, I found like this before, the protection was disable and couldn't enable on Win SV 2012 Datacener editions. But that's ok if install Kaspersky Anti-Virus 8.0 for Windows Servers Enterprise Edition.
  11. But when I switch to "Retrieve from Administration Server", clients update successfully. Actually, I can use it, but I just want to make sure the schedule that an Update agent retrieve from admin server and then share to clients. This is a reason that I need to create a manual task in update source.
  12. Hi, I saw the update agent successfully, but after one week all clients show yellow exclamation with Database out of date, and the task see "No available update". Could you please advise me in update agent setting?
  13. Now update from Administration Server successfully after I pointed manually path of KSC \\..........\klshare\Updates on option "Local or Network folder". Thanks for your support, you can close this as well.
  14. I have tried select Use update download task from Administration Server, but show "completed with error" A file necessary for updating system is missing from the update source '/index/u0607g.xml'.
  15. Thank for your info. Let me check connection and try again, and will inform you tomorrow.
  16. Anyway, when I selected "Use update download task -> Administration server or Local network folder", the task was completed with error, but for Retrieve from administration server that's OK update. I know the error update from firewall policy, so can you tell me which one port using for Update Agent? Thank you.
  17. Hello all, I have concerned about schedule of running Update Agent from option "Retrieve from Administration Server" because I see there are several time of database synchronize time, so I think the network maybe has more traffic too. Can you tell me what exactly the schedule? or we should choose option "Use update download task" manually? See the picture in attach. Thanks.
  18. Hi All, I have one concern about the option interval time synchronize connection to Administration server as default every 15 min. I think I want to save more my traffic network if possible. So if I change interval to 30 or 60 min, what dose something wrong? Thanks,
  19. Thank you so much for solutions! Web management console works well after stop iptable, and then start iptable again with -A INPUT -m tcp -p tcp --dport 9080 -j ACCEPT to allow port 9080. Please kindly close this topic.
  20. Hi, I can successfully install Kaspersky for Linux File Server in CentOS 6.3 vmware. The compile well detect the real-time protection module, but one thing I can't remote web console to manage Kaspersky from client's browser url Please note that every restarting service kav4fs-wmconsole, it prints "Could not determine the server's fully qualified domain name, using for ServerName". I think it should use, have any way to change the ip address for web console? Thanks.
  21. Hi, New incident INC000002681270 has been registered! (ARNOTE 1770000064) Thanks.
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