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  1. After use that utility the problematic PC can receive update properly now, so what to do next on anther 15 PCs? thank!
  2. Hi, I have created new update task for test already, but it still got error. Sorry, why you have me to use the update utility while that client is under KSC? thank!
  3. Hi, Recently, I have got the alert notification on some PCs about critical events as below: Event Not all components were updated happened on computer LDAPT01 in the domain WORKGROUP on Tuesday, October 25, 2016 5:03:33 PM (GMT+07:00) Event type: Not all components were updated Result: Not all components were updated Then I check the report update, there is some error as in attach picture. Could you tell us why only some PCs got this error? Thanks! Thearith
  4. Hello, How much it takes performance if we set the default deny on running application? thank!
  5. Hi all, Anybody knows which option in KES10 that we can block end user to run the portable software? best regard, Thearith
  6. So the best way is setting user right as normal users. You can close this task. Thank you!
  7. Hello, I am using KSC to control the policy KESS. Please see attachment for setting policy and uninstall log. MSI7a776.LOG
  8. I have tested already, above permission can only restrict on manage tasks or setting, start or stop application service, and also uninstall permission, but I need the password require first before continue to uninstall application from app/remove program like KES10. Because I see the weakness on prevent Administrators group to "uninstall KESS", if the user has the Administrators group, they still can uninstall until error on "not sufficient privileges to remove system services". During that the service is being stop that no any protections running. My question is how to prevent uninstall KESS with password require like KES10?
  9. Hi, Could you explain me what is different between user right for application management and security service management of KESS? Because my purpose want to prevent user to stop or exit running application like endpoint version. BR.
  10. I have changed and tested already, I see both CPU and memory are better than before, but sometime CPU resource still keep high loading 100% around 3 to 6 min while full scan is running. Could you have another options to limit the CPU usage? thanks you!
  11. I don't have more time to re-install new NetAgent without Patch C. Now I will try to deploy update to Patch D, if the issue will fix by Patch D, I will update to you. Thank.
  12. We cannot waiting the Patch D, so that why I re-install NetAgent again without Patch C, it can resolve these issues.
  13. Hello, We allow already, and after that the download is successful without error. Thank you!
  14. Dear, Currently I see the log of Download update to the repository is very strange, it always try to change a several update source selected, but the status update is Completed. Could you see the attachment and explain this? Thanks you.
  15. Hello. Actually I followed your instruction as below: 1. Login into account who install KSC and then stop the Administration Server service 2. Run.bat 3. Start back Administration server service and then delete any duplicated host in unassigned group. Please see the result in attachment. Thank you. result.txt
  16. Please check in this link. https://www.dropbox.com/s/47xgzw2nze6ghoh/G...icHost.zip?dl=0
  17. No, I just updated NetAgent to patch C. Now I will try to delete them as below instruction: In order to resolve the conflict, you are recommended to find all such “doubles” and delete those which do not correspond to the real host. If you delete an existing host, it will later re-appear in Unassigned computers. If still persist, I will update to you.
  18. I updated around 200 hosts, but I see the problematic hosts around 30. Yes, after I updated KSC 10.2.434 and NetAgent 10.2.434 to patch C. Some these hosts are KES and
  19. Hello everyone! After I updated patch C on NetAgent 10.2.434, I see the KSC continuously detects the same hostname with number behind. I have deleted them both in my Managed group and Unassigned device and try to search again to move to my managed group, but it still occurs again on the next days. You can see my picture in attachment.
  20. In three days, they seem are okay. I think I need to investigate which pc doesn't get policy from KSC and then let you know, but maybe take time. Thanks.
  21. Actually, I have four managed computer groups: ATM, Branch, HQ, and Server. But I see the problematic hosts in only two groups: Branch and HQ. No, they are almost KES10MR1, just only new 5 pc are KES10SP1. Please see my attach about group structure and policy. Thanks.
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