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  1. Hi, As I know the SELECT license also supports to find the vulnerable on each NetAgents by Find vulnerabilities and required updates Task, but I don't know why almost PCs cannot determine or retrieve information on security monthly rollup that was installed by local WSUS. And some PCs shows the security monthly rollup was installed, but no installed on Security only update. Is there option to setup or change the default setting on NetAgent or Find Vulnerabilities task to show correctly? Thanks, Thearith
  2. Hi, Yes I think so. I think based on the CPU model then we can search one by one to see the vPro technology or not. Thank you.
  3. Hi Support, Is there any way from KSC to search or generate report to find Intel vPro product because Intel just announce vulnerabilities in some firmware versions of Intel Active Management Technology, Intel Standard Manageability, and Intel Small Business Technology. Thanks, Thearith
  4. Hi, Recently announces about new threat DoubleAgent that can hijack the antivirus dll files by turn into as maleware. It affects to 14 antivirus companies that also has Kaspersky too. Could anyone confirm all the Kaspersky products have been dealed with DoubleAgent? If already, have any patches to release? Thank!
  5. Hi, You can close this task because the problem has solved by re-installation. Thank! Thearith
  6. Hi, I have deployed already, but the problem still persists. You can find the detail GSI report and trace log. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B8x...U0U?usp=sharing The problem can be solved by uninstall and then reinstall? if can, I will try to reinstall, because that server is important for protection! BR, Thearith
  7. Hello, I have requested already on INC000007412033. I will let you know the result after deploy those private patches. Thank you!
  8. I think some batch scripts cannot convert to JavaScript or VBScript. Anyways, I will use another way to do that by using group policy. Thank for your info.
  9. Hi, I have created as below: "Your request has been created. Request ID: INC000007402427" Thank you!
  10. Hi, Because I think my question was not incident that didn't require for support there. Oh I see we also can ask question about Kaspersky production. Thank you I will put the question there. Thank you!
  11. Hi, I just have installed and tested applications whitelist on Kaspersky Embedded, but I don't know are there any options or ways to allow the batch scripts and block opening CMD.EXE in Kaspersky Embedded. Any guides for that? BR, Thearith
  12. Hi, Please refer to below link that I have been enabled trace with dump files: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B8x...cVU?usp=sharing As I remember, I installed this latest version by upgrading from previous version, so is there compatibility those versions? Thank you!
  13. Hi, Please refer to below link for dump files and new GSI log: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B8x...LWs?usp=sharing Thank you!
  14. Sorry, for the dump file creation I didn't yet enable from KSC policy. I think I can enable this option and then reproduce the issue again and upload all to you. Thank!
  15. Hi, Please kindly get from below link https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8xk_M_aLU...VcxMk9ZblU/view Thank!
  16. Hi, During collection the GSI report also got that status as in attachment. For the GSI report, I will send you by PM. Thank!
  17. Hi, I found a several of servers got status Malfunction on during running the task scan and immediately the Kaspersky interface disappeared and Kaspersky icon taskbar was also grey and showed message as "Service part of the program was unloaded from computer memory". Is there something wrong on this version or else? BR, Thearith
  18. Actually, my question is just want to know and confirm that KES10 has HIPS functions or not? If has, what kind of protection components? Thank you.
  19. Hi, Which other components of KES that can monitor host based activity? Thank you. Thearith
  20. Dear all, I see KES10 has 2 functions on Firewall and Network Attack Blocker, so these functions are considered as Host based IPS? Best regards, Thearith
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