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  1. Hello Ivan, Now all the clients are connecting back to KSC after apply KLmover. Thank for your support. Thank you!
  2. Hello, Could you specify which command option of klmover utility and should we use standalone utility or from installed NetAgent folder? Thank you!
  3. Hi, Actually the client is already connecting to KSC, but like mention above that I have confused to setup profile "out-of-office" when those client is currently under my domain. So that even client is online and connection properly, but still mark as offline. Thanks, Thearith
  4. Hello, Actually the NetAgent policy is already removed that setting out, but I can export from Revision history. Please help to check your inbox. Thanks, Thearith
  5. Hello Everyone! After I play round on switch profile of NetAgent and KES10, I have confused to setup Administrator server connection profile as "Not connected" with current domain name so that some PCs are forced to switch network agent profile to Out-of-Office. So all those client NetAgent no more connected to Administration server even those client are online or roll back setting. Is there any ways to reset or clear those profile on NetAgent? Thanks, Click to choose file Thearith
  6. Hi Support, I can upgrade client from KSC is working fine, but I don't know why KSC now cannot download update since last week after I cleared update repository and apply patch A on version 10.4.343 to solve Update Agent. Thanks, Thearith
  7. Hi, I also face kind of this problem too after update KSC to SP2 MR1. All the update agents are stopped working. And now I update the Patch A on both Administrator server and client NetAgent, but the Update task still fails as below: Update task complete. Administration Server connection error: failed to retrieve file due a transport error. Error code: 50
  8. Yes, I clear now. So I need to arrange the time for upgrading. Can we upgrade from MR1 to SP2 directly from KSC?
  9. Hi Support, Refer to the link https://support.kaspersky.com/support/lifecycle#b2b.block1.kes10fs , I see the KES10 version is discontinued from 01 Jan 2017 that means all release patch, technical support, and antivius database updates are also ended. If I don't confuse, why all the client and server with that version at my side still can get the database update normally? Thanks, Thearith
  10. Hi, After I have installed KESS with default deny on SHA-256, it takes around 130MB for RAM that is acceptable, but I didn't yet test on full scan how much it takes because the task always failed as below: Internal task error occurred. Error code: 0x0007. Subsystem code: 0x6 (WP). For more details go to the Kaspersky Lab Technical Support site: https://click.kaspersky.com/?hl=en-US&link=error&pid=ess&version= Also I created the incidence INC000008046296 yesterday. Thank you!
  11. Yes, I am using on my ATMs, but I just want to know comparison which one is more secure and the performance also.
  12. Hi, Because I want to setup the application control with more secure on ATM machine while the resource RAM and CPU is limited. Thank you!
  13. If we use the SHA-256, can take more memory consumption than Digital certificate in KESS?
  14. But my situation is using user Administrator to logon and then running batch also. Especially the system supports only user Administrator privilege. If we compare between Diginal signature and SHA-256, which one is secure? please suggestion. Thanks!
  15. The dedicated user for starting CMD.EXE and Batch Scripts is the same user, right? because my situation the current user logon as Administrator user.
  16. Hi, I think I need to generate choose on Digital certificate from the task, and then need to exclude the CMD.exe as SHA256-based on several MD Digital Signature, right? Please refer to attachment, any suggestion please kindly let me know. Thanks, thearith
  17. "Issuer":"O=MICROSOFT CORPORATION, L=REDMOND, S=WASHINGTON, C=US" Above is a digital signature by MS, right?
  18. The KSC version is 10.3.407, and most of netagent version is 10.3.407 too, but has only 1 PC that is using newer version 10.4.343 because I used to test with new KSC version that just integrated with patch B. For the OS is Windows 7 Enterprise SP1 32bit and 64bit.
  19. Hi, Please check in attachment that renamed as txt file. Thanks, Thearith Exp_NetAgent.klp.txt
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