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  1. Please give us an option whether we want to install this or not during the setup as I have my own paid for VPN (ExpressVPN) and am not interested in Hotspot Shield one bit and even if you uninstall it, it leaves traces behind. All I want is my Antivirus and that's it!
  2. I got the reply. Nothing has changed. A few re-activations and the license will be blocked needing us to contact support to reset the activation count. Now they replied to me within 24 hours this time but usually this took around 5-7 business day until the license was unlocked
  3. Thank you for the quick reply. I have submitted a ticket to support and will let you know what they say. I hope they changed this so I can purchase a new license again.
  4. I am an old Kaspersky customer but I stopped using it because I format quiet often like when there are lots of Driver updates or when there is a new build of Windows as I prefer starting from a fresh clean slate. The problem is even with a 5 user license, give it a few more activations and my license would be blacklisted even though I have uninstalled it before formatting and ensured to remove the license from the product itself so that doesn't matter. Reaching out to customer service to reset my license would take many days sometimes even a week so I stopped using Kaspersky or purchasing / recommending it to anyone.... Has this changed or is it still the same? Other AVs like Avast allow you to de-activate a license installed on a particular system through their online portal (Avast My Account), same case with Avira and Bitdefender. ESET monitors the IP address from where the signature updates are being initiated and has a smart way of detecting license mis-use I don't understand why at this day and age Kaspersky has such a restrictive / not so smart system that cannot tell that the license is being activated on the same machine with the same computer specs / computer name?
  5. This is where I bought it from: http://me.kaspersky.com/en/multi-device-security
  6. I still don't understand The license says: Kaspersky Internet Security - multi device - 2016 (2 Years, 1 device) Does 1 device mean 1 computer and one mobile phone?
  7. so if I have more than one computer but they're all mine, on how many computers is my KIS Multi Device license valid to be installed on? or do they mean 1 computer / 1 mobile device? how does this licensing system work?
  8. Hi there, every once in a while the Windows Security Center reports that both Windows Defender and KAV are turned off but I can see KAV in the taskbar and all components are active. Seems like a bug in KAV not reporting its status correctly to the Windows Security Center. This is on a fresh installation of Windows 10 x64 Build 10586 with all the latest Windows Updates Running KAV ©
  9. BlackBerry Link creates a hidden virus sort of entry in your startup entries called RIMMDNS.exe or something like that. That was initially called Bonjour and introduced by Apple and the process earlier was called mDNSresponder.exe and now RIM uses the same thing but with a different name. What this does is, it logs everything you are doing and sends it to RIM, your passwords, usage habits, sites you visit, everything. It is a camouflaged virus. Don't believe me? just check your startup entries and untick RIMMDNS or whatever it's called something similar to this and reboot, then tell me if you see a difference or not BTW, even if a person uses Apple products like iTunes for example, uninstalling Bonjour from the Control Panel is ok, all that would happen is when you launch iTunes, it would say that Bonjour is missing, but that doesn't affect the functionality of the program. Unfortunately, with every update to iTunes or iCloud, you will get Bonjour again Bonjour is dominating the world, it even gets installed with the latest Logitech Mouse Gaming Software I know this issue for you is about BlackBerry, but just wanting to show you the dangers of mDNSresponder.exe AKA Bonjour
  10. Just installed KAV and when I launched Firefox, it prompted me to install the virtual keyboard which I didn't, I only installed the Dangerous Websites Blocker, but when I restarted Firefox, the virtual keyboard icon was there on the top right. So I went into add-ons and disabled it, then restarted Firefox, it's back again, it never goes away! I don't need this, why isn't it going away?
  11. Also, Time to upgrade those machines which have a 15 year old dead OS (XP). Seriously, XP does not have security anymore, no support for multi core CPUs or large amounts of RAM, it's simple a dead OS edit: Also,
  12. You should not even think about this Add-On. Reason being, by the time Kaspersky has updated the add-on, Mozilla would have been out with another version of Firefox so just forget it. Blame it on Mozilla's rapid release cycle which they are trying to catch up with Google Chrome thinking that whoever has the highest version is better which is obviously wrong. I just use Pale Moon and never have to even see these add-ons. Kaspersky will still intercept any bad HTTP requests. Try visiting some malware site and see how Kaspersky will stop it with or without the add-on.
  13. I am very pleased with how light KAV has become. In the past it was known to be one of the heaviest AVs out there and with each year, it just keeps getting lighter and lighter. I have both NOD32 and KAV and I can tell you KAV blows NOD32 out of the water in terms of lightness. My Internet browsing, torrent downloads, file copying all are much faster than when I had NOD32 on. I also love how KAV is probably the only antivirus that has 0 false positives for many months consecutively! I wonder how they do that! When using other AVs and get a warning about some file, I cannot trust that iti s really a virus and have to upload it to virustotal.com to make sure that it is really a virus or a safe file but with Kaspersky AVI know that if I get a warning, it's really a bad file that I should look into otherwise KAV just runs silently and never bothers me big thanks to the Kaspersky team for this awesome job
  14. Just tested burning an Audio CD @ max speed while KAV was enabled and it was successful so I guess Patch G did fix the issue! Great job Kaspersky Team
  15. I haven't been installing KAV since the issue with Nero Platinum suite. has it been fixed or not yet?
  16. edit: add the current quote: thanks for confirming, now I have a 2 year KIS license that I cannot even use on my 3 PCs. This is the last time I ever buy a Kaspersky product. edit: add informative quote.
  17. Can you please confirm that after updating to Patch F the problem is solved or not? I have Nero Platinum 2014 Suite and I am not installing KIS until I confirm this problem has been resolved.
  18. After updating to Patch E, will I have issues with Nero 2014 or not? I just did a clean install of Windows 8.1 but didn't install any security suite yet, I don't want to install my KIS license only to discover that it's not yet compatible with Nero 2014 Platinum Suite kindly confirm thanks
  19. Running even 1 additional security program in addition to your AV is asking for trouble, you have 10 more and are complaining? Seriously man, that's over kill, Kaspersky is more than enough to block any thread you need, with Kaspersky there, MBAM never catches anything BUT false positives, uselss
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