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  1. You should have a bar next to the scrollbar on the right. If you click that you re-enable it. Atleast if you and I are both talking about the same window.
  2. Hi Vitaly Kravtsov , Thanks for the comment that this will be resolved. Feel free to close this :).
  3. I noted this as something as well as bug here. However the Kaspersky response states that this is a Microsoft thing. I don't think it is a wrong thing to maybe make a KB for this as people are going to ask this more often.
  4. That's great. Thanks for the update then feel free to close this.
  5. Here you go. The general Protection for Business forum. https://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?/forum/5-protection-for-business/ You can also use your Kaspersky license to open up cases in the CompanyAccount system of Kaspersky at the link under here. https://companyaccount.kaspersky.com/
  6. I see that you rebooted the machine as well and uninstalled. If you did check the "Save for the current session" option then this should be cleared by now.
  7. Thank you for the comment and research done. It is interesting how easily I was able to reproduce it but let's hope that the situation never occurs when the product goes live. Last question, is the check from the trusted sources side based on the timestamp of the server itself and where it is located?
  8. My apologies but I don't see why collecting traces should assist in fixing a clearly graphical issue as you can see from the gif? Could you reproduce the issue in a testing environment as I am using? The virus is deleted just fine however the filtering still shows 1. Even after hitting the refresh button. But the entry is deleted from the view. Only if you click away to something else of KES and go back to Backup the issue goes away.
  9. It is not only up to me to resolve this as you are the supplier of the software package with more direct connections to Microsoft. For now it is not a big issue as the standard control panel is still working but this is matter of time. Thank you for the comment.
  10. I am unable to reproduce the disabling of KES using services.msc or PowerShell. The disable buttons are disabled when using services.msc and when forcing the kill of KES using PowerShell it just gives me an error that is was unable to kill KES which is good.
  11. I agree that this problems occurs as well on my side in the RC version.
  12. Dmitry Eremeev Here more information. https://help.kaspersky.com/KESWin/11/en-US/131249.htm https://help.kaspersky.com/KESWin/11/en-US/131217.htm
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