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  1. When I see that I am receiving updates in accordance with the frequency that I have selected, then I don't have to worry about my security as far as the "proxy server" setting is concerned. If you are receiving your updates regularly, in accordance with the frequency setting that you have selected, you don't have to be concerned that this setting is reducing your protection. I would be happy if I could blame Microsoft for the "thinking" error.
  2. Check/uncheck "use proxy server" in "Update"-"Settings"---I have, in the past, noticed that I needed to check to see if this setting needed my attention, after an installation. I would sometimes have to (un)check as needed, then it stays as set. EDIT: It works fine for me unchecked.
  3. Hi Sall-The topic of upgrading from 119 to 123 is bringing back old memories. A brief check of my notes shows that back then, exe was corrupted except on Estonian server (No Bases). So I as well as many others downloaded, saved msi and setup.exe to same folder to move forward. I like the .exe, but 13 days ago I had to go with the other two instead. Just about everybody agreed that 119TR was quite stable but the thrill of having latest build is something that I can't deny myself, even if changes are minor. Newer builds have updated driver(s).
  4. there is a thread on this topic on this page. The original post is quite old but there are newer postings that may prove to be helpful..... e.g. did you disable anti-spy applications before downloading from a correct source?
  5. Purchasers of commercial boxed CD versions enjoy several benefits: they are upgradeable to newer versions (just like on-line purchased versions), and the licence clock doesn't start ticking until you install it. Short answer: Yes. Enjoy the product!
  6. Build 125 is not a beta. Build 124 was released in three European countries recently as the Official version, and 125 includes an update. I would not hesitate to go for it, especially if Lucian had concrete reason to indicate it.
  7. Streaming Scan uses a limited set of signatures (only the most active) and Buffering Scan uses all signatures. Streaming, therefore, does result in a lowering of the security level. If I felt that the site wasn't prone to malware and that it was a nice, clean, reputable and happy site, I would go with the limited set of signatures (streaming), knowing that this is better than unchecking protection. I could always do a full manual scan afterwards.
  8. Version 7.0: Settings-Service-Password Protection. You can choose the scope of password protection.
  9. My experience is similar to MAPKOBA^^'s. I have used plenty of v6 and v7 builds (including Beta .055) and my computer has not exploded, imploded, mutated nor spontaniously cumbusted. It has never told me that it needs to do a CHKDSK or that it is recomended that I do a CHKDSK. I have seen such prompts on other machines stateing need to run CHKDSK, but those machines never saw KIS. My CHKDSK is unchanged since I Have been using KIS. I am confident that KIS will not prevent CHKDSK from doing its thing in life, in a timely manner. Any AV will not be unnoticable, at many levels, once installed on a machine. If I were a professional AV tester, I would have professional hardware and software on tap so I can revert as I go from AV "n" to AV "n+1" as "n" approaches infinity. My ego has accepted the fact that I am not a professional AV tester, so having finally found a security suite that I am happy with, I have humbly accepted the fact that it will lock itself down into my system in ways that I may not be technologicaly advanced to understand. Thank you for the live link. The dead version of the same link was posted in this forum in a different thread about a week ago. EDIT: Grammer, punctuation, spelling and math errors (but not all).
  10. Your store bought copy can be upgraded. OEM is what comes with a machine and a decision on those for France is still not a positive yes yet. Go to 7.0 section of this forum, Important Frequently Asked Questions-to find link to 7.0 available for download from FTP. Read other portions of FAQ and welcome! The .124 is the version that was released in France, Germany and Russia a few days ago.
  11. Congratulations,MAPKOBKA^^! May the power in all the sections (of this forum and everything else) be with you!
  12. Version 7.0, Yes. See Important Frequently Asked Questions for Version 7.0. For Version 6, it would be a good idea to at the least.
  13. Yes, the "getting stuck" thing is a myth. "An explanation of chkdsk....." from support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;187941 states, in part, "During the first and third phases of chkdsk, the percent indicator advances relatively smoothly. ...........The same is not necesserily true for the second phase of chkdsk. ........for example, on a volume with many small directories and one very large one, the percent complete might progress rapidly from 0 to 10 percent complete and then appear to get stuck for a long period of time before rapidly progressing from 10 to 100 percent complete. ........."
  14. Disabling it won't hurt the program. It is not unsafe if you use web-based mail.
  15. About ten days ago, Don politely stated that he promised not to say when 7.0 is going to be released in each country.
  16. The first full system scan takes some time. After I did my first full system scan, I changed 'Scan my computer' settings to 'scan only new and unchanged files' and 'scan files by Content'. This is much faster. Less frequently, I will go back and do a full 'all files' scan, however.
  17. I have read absolutely Zero (0.000) about KIS and corrupt files until I read your topic two minutes ago and I am sure I will not in the future. I have read that some have experienced chkdsk issues but I have not noticed this in my experience. I use chkdsk twice a year, it may actualy fix something once every two years and KIS protects me on a constant basis. I am certain that KIS will not prevent chkdsk from functioning. Any anti-virus that is installed will not be superficial and unnoticable. If I feel that I am very well protected and that I am done with AV shopping and hopping, then I will be satisfied with how KIS interacts with my machine at all levels. If I am still hopping around, then I may be concerned with what AV 'X' will do to my computer as I hop to AV 'Y'. With KIS, I have finaly achieved AV happiness.
  18. Hi Nick: When I go to Control Panel-Internet Options-Advanced-Security-Empty Temporary Internet Files When Browser is Closed-and uncheck this, browser closes immediatly. When this Is checked, browser takes a few seconds to close, just as you described.
  19. Important FAQ-10) V7 Release Known Issues-10. There are compatibility issues with HTTP tunneling. Temporarily disable Web Anti-Virus to resolve. EDIT: spelling.
  20. Do you have an older boxed version? Versions before are not vista compatible, (e.g.
  21. KIS running smooth for 23 hours now. Galileos' test- detected even when I clicked 'cancel' instead of 'run' or 'save' in file download dialog box. Clearing browser cache by exiting browser enables repeat of same result. File detected even though I have followed upgrade path from KIS to .621 to 7.0.055 Beta to .119 RC3 TR to .123 to .125 without manually uninstalling anything or running any removal tools. I ran the free One Care Beta (Vista) registry cleaner after each upgrade, however. Upgrades accomplished by: from main site for .621; Run exe from FTP for the others; Save msi and setup.exe for .125. All very smooth. If I had experienced a hint of any problem, I would have manually uninstalled and removed; but since all went well, I followed the upgrade path of least resistance. Galileo: thanks for the test. My (sometimes distorted) thinking is that since the issue is critical, it may deserve to be posted in its own original thread.
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