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  1. you can mark as solved I have since created a task for the individual machine.
  2. I'm looking to create a report that sorts client machines by Vulnerability count highest to lowest, Can someone point me in right direction for this? Thanks.
  3. KSC 10.5.1781 KES I want to target the critical vulnerabilities as shown in screen shot below. Currently I have one task that target all workstation OS clients however there are some machines that for some reason never get updated or get left behind. Is there a way to target those machines?
  4. Is there a way to force the KSC Install required updates and fix vulnerabilities task from client side? I would like to target some client machines that are preventing the task from completing which means the task never ends.
  5. I use: Servername.domain.org Hope that helps.
  6. Hi I want to stop the downloading of .ZIP file extensions, please can you tell me how to achieve this using KES 11 Policy? Attached a screen shot of policy setting im looking at, can you explain what Archive option covers. Thanks
  7. Hi, Whats the difference between Operating system and Personal Data groups in Host Intrusion Prevention - Protected resources? Thanks
  8. What rights would I assign so local users only had view access to reports and protection status tabs. To me its not clear from the link you sent. Thanks
  9. the link doesn't work. error "The resource you are looking for has been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable." My bad it worked second time around.
  10. Hi I there a way to create new user and limit access on web console to just reports and or protection status tabs? We want to display some content on display screen in the office but not be able to make any changes just view. Thanks
  11. KES 11 - How can i check what modules are installed on client machine?
  12. I have a similar problem. One of my colleagues attempted to remove KES on an Kaspersky FDE'd laptop and now that device is in a state of client not accessible either from laptop or KSC so i'm unable to change any settings/policy. Attempting to install client over the top of corrupt install has resulted in failure "Remote installation has been completed with an error on this device: Fatal error during installation. (Uninstallation password or user name has not been specified or is incorrect.)" Any help greatly appreciated as i'm stuck with laptop in limbo
  13. Hi I'm having this same issue please can i get the private fix. Your request has been created. Request ID: INC000008762182 Thanks
  14. The application will display the devices that are connected to the computer. Select the check box of the needed device; Define the groups of users for which the removable drive will be a trusted device. To do it, click Select; Click OK.
  15. Hi The pointer is blocked as though it was a keyboard (screenshot above) I cannot find this in the trusted devices list. Thanks
  16. Hi I have Bad USB enabled via policy that is blocking USB laser pointer. When I try to investigate via device control \ Trusted Devices i can't find the device to enable it. Anyone got any tips for enabling please? Thanks
  17. Problem solved by adding additional .exe to trusted zone. I have removed entries from scan and executable exclusions zones for oracle as they don't appear to be required. Thanks
  18. Have already added C:\Oracle to exclusion as shown below. Still no good
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