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  1. After installing AV in client machine if Fortigate SSL VPN service is running, Internet is not working in client PC. If I exit the anti-virus internet, is working fine or-else If I stops the VPN service, also internet is working. I need to work both s\w at a time, how to troubleshoot this with kaspersky security center. I was added all Fortigate related VPN exe files are in exclusion and trusted zone. But still the problem is encountering me. Please suggest the best solution.
  2. Latest plug-in only installed in SC server. Ya I was added the mobile devices support module also. But still same issue.
  3. Hi team, While creating mobile policy in SC it is throwing error like *Parameter with name "KLLIC_APP_IDS" doesn't exist* At the same time in license part showing the error below attached with same description *Parameter with name "KLLIC_APP_IDS" doesn't exist* And finally we are retried to install mobile plug-in again but here one more error is coming like *a network error occured while attempting to read from the file C:\Docume~1\admini~1\locals~1\Temp\1150c5.f5d60c3c\kkfginst.msi.
  4. While installing setup.exe rus as administrator (Still you are in admin user also), It will work.
  5. Case created in Kaspersky Company Account Incident ID : INC000002108330
  6. After installing the antivirus KES in XP machines, As we are entering the database for MS Access file, database crashed and the data has been lost. Now we are disabled App .Priv.Control, App.Strtup Control, and we are added all Office related files are TRUSTED files from app priv control including MSACCESS.EXE But still the database files are corrupting. when we are trying to open the file saying access is denied, and databases are corrupted. Here I am adding the screenshot of error mentioned above.
  7. Thanks for your support, Here I added the log file infomation Checking command line options...OK Verifying paths...OK Opening SCM...Error - 1197 ('Operation failed because the timeout period expired') Error - 1197 ('Operation failed because the timeout period expired')
  8. Hi, After installing KSOS in my XP PC's, the existing and modified FOXPRO (Trading software run by CMD) database files are corrupted. when I try to open those files from my database showing errors like Access denied. or File cannot open xxxxxxx.dbf some healthy files are opening but after making the changes it won't apply again showing same errors above mentioned. Finally I added all exclusions to that folder and also for .exe applications in exclusions and trusted applications, but no use. Now when we are using foxpro that time we exit the Kaspersky application and then we are working.
  9. When I am trying to take the backup of my administration server showing OPERATION FAILED BECAUSE TIME OUT PERIOD EXPIRED. But my administration server is working fine, I don't have any issues with security center functioning, while running the backup of administration server data task also failing with the same error.
  10. In business space key they are mentioned its compatible for Kaspersky mobile security but where I can enter this code in Andriod phones. But when I enter the code in old or new license key box its not taking. Please help me to install this key in andriod mobiles.
  11. While trying install kaspersky administration kit 10 in new machine (Windows server 2003), we are getting error below attached. This machine consists Active directory, but client is want to install in this particular machine only, and at the same time we are installed KSC 9.2 but it's installing fine. Issue with KSC 10 only, we are planning to migrate from KSC 9.2 to 10 at the time also same error is coming. Please anybody help to solve this issue ASAP.
  12. If I uncheck the automatically assign update status means server won't collect the status of clients machines. There is no use by unchecking that. Thanks for your suggestion Mr.Kaspersky1989
  13. Ya we are disabled all the components except RTP but no use, still many systems are going to Protection off.
  14. Yes you are correct this is Endpoint protection only. No, when I tried to update it will be getting from security center only not from lab update servers, and connection from security Center and host is available and remaining all tasks are working properly only. If the network agent issue means how about all tasks ?
  15. 1) Update tasks are not happening. Most the systems getting failed on several reasons. but when the same task is run manually on the same machine, the update was finished and sometimes completed with error. 2) Scan tasks are also getting failed on some systems. Sometimes manual run is successful. but it is not possible to identify each and every machine and run the tasks manually. 3) Even though the latest net agent and antivirus is installed , after some time the machine is going into the status "protection is off". The reinstall of the product is not serving the purpose. 4) The figures shown in the dashboard are not matched with the list. If the figure shown in the dashboard is 320 (Protection unknown) but in the list the clients shown were only 3 or 6 . it varies. the behavior is unknown. 5) Discovery of client machines are not happening. 6) Sometimes "malfunction" status is shown in the update process. 7) While clicking the update manually in client machine after finishing the update from kaspersky security center the system will be going to shutdown. before going off the machine kaspersky will be going to exit automatically.
  16. In my network many systems are suddenly going to protection off (If I restarted the service means again it working fine upto some time.) and status is unknown. OS : Windows 7 and XP KES Version : Patches Installed : a,b,c,d Daily in my network we are finding 50 - 60 machines with protection off Status and unknown will 250 - 300 out of 1300 license. Finally In some machines Patch PF_80 also installed but no use. Please suggest the best solution. Draneeph Bee (Facebook)
  17. KES 10 Showing Blue Screen means in xp just you need to upgrade from service pack 2 to 3 if service pack 2 is there. and finally you just install windows installer 3.1 or 4.5. :rolleyes: Draneeph Bee (Facebook)
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