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  1. Thanks for moving my question to the right forum. The same issue has already been reported. I will try pf133.
  2. Thanks for the advice but we are using KES, the enterprise product. We cannot switch to KIS, the consumer product. Even upgrading to KES 10 is not an option right now. So we really need this issue to be resolved in KES 8.
  3. We just got hit by this bug after upgrading from Firefox 24 ESR to 31 ESR. We are using KES After disabling Web Control the issue seems to go away. Has a pf been released to resolve this issue?
  4. They way I see it, Kaspersky has a good consumer product that actually offers best of class protection on PCs. Their business products however are not up to par. They focus only on sales and are incompetent when it comes to support. The Kaspersky company in it's core simply can't handle the enterprise market. Customer satisfaction is what it is all about, keeping customers happy and renewing their subscription should be the focus. Instead large businesses will just drop Kaspersky after the end of the first term, simply because it takes too much effort to keep the products running. TCO is so high that it doesn't justify the additional protection it might bring over other products in the market. This leads to loss of enterprise clients, which means more new clients need to sign up to keep the same revenue stream, which means more focus on sales, etc, etc.
  5. KES was also effected by this on Friday. Result: Detected: HEUR:Trojan.Win32.Generic Object: C:\Windows\winsxs\x86_microsoft-windows-tcpip-binaries_31bf3856ad364e35_6.1.7600.21027_none_b3c0c6fce0a5263e\tcpip.sys So has Kaspersky fixed this issue? Has it been corrected in a new pattern update?
  6. I've had several cases open for weeks without response where, when I took a look at the trace files, I could spot the problem within minutes. Playing my own tech support was much faster than waiting for a reply from Kaspersky.. I'm seriously considering not paying for support next year.
  7. Same here. I think it was written this way on purpose: if(this.lab==TRUE) behave; else if(customer.paid==TRUE) go(crazy);
  8. Unfortunately: no. That topic is about false positives. I am seeing real unprocessed objects that need attention. I expected to be able to manage these alerts using KSC. Having to log into the client computers and starting the local KES 8 interface is really not convenient.
  9. This is very silly. Why would I have to log into a client computer to perform this task? I though KSC would provide central management.
  10. That is exactly my point. So why is there a Vulnerabilities tab in the KES 8 user interface that cannot be turned off or hidden? If an administrator wants to use the Vulnerability Scan to view them in KSC all users can see the results in this tab of the KES 8 Reports and Storages page. This is not something you want users to see or worry about.
  11. I like the Vulnerability Assessment option of KES, because it provides an independent check if our software distribution tool missed anything. However, what I don't like is that the end users can view the vulnerabilities in the KES interface. There should be an option to suppress this, so that this information is only viewable using KSC. Using KES to patch software is a nice thought for very small businesses, but even medium ones will already have tooling for this that is much more flexible.
  12. INC000002212398 is about a network agent not working filed 3 weeks ago. Another nice enterprise example is INC000002260753 about using the Vulnerability Monitor / Scan without the results being visible to the end user. It seems that this can't be done.
  13. Wow, and I though we were special with 10 months without a successful role out in production. Enterprise support within Kaspersky is simply non-existent. Even our local Kaspersky branch complains that they have no way to effectively escalate to the experts in Moscow. All they can do is hope and pray for a private fix to be released in due time. There are no SLAs, no tier 1-2-3 support with clearly defined escalation paths. This whole experience makes me wish we never made this purchase. Instead of complaining here I probably should go talk to our legal department and file for a full refund because of malpractice.
  14. Did anyone look into this yet? We are waiting to roll our KES 8 to 7000 PCs, and this is now a blocking issue.
  15. I downloaded the testbuild version before. Since the build number did not change, I assume this is the exact same version as the testbuild? So I can roll out the version I already downloaded to all users?
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