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  1. jbaptista hello, Please create a request to Tech support via ksos.kaspersky.com portal. Thanks!
  2. David Honey hello, The certificate replaced with C:\ProgramData\Kaspersky Lab\AVP19.0.0\Data\Cert\1.cert in 2019 products Use it.
  3. Mefodys

    How To Activation KSOS

    Hello Ebnu, Please contact Tech support via ksos.kaspersky.com site. Thanks!
  4. Mefodys

    Using of VPN on Laptop

    Hello Ranetian, 1) You need to purchase KSeC license(it can be done via KSeC application) 2) Then add the new activation code to your Kaspersky account. 3) Then connect KSeC application to your Kaspersky account.
  5. Hello, bluefalcon, 1) Try to increase server timeout in Outlook settings and recheck the issue. 2) Try to install the latest KSOS version and check the issue there. If the issue still occur if you disable one-by-one components of KSOS, then exit from KSOS completely, try to remove KSOS and check the issue again. Thus you will perform a standatd diagnostics and see if KSOS is a culprit.
  6. Проверьте сколько профилей имеется в настройках FF (Выполнить -> Firefox -p -> Enter)? Попробуйте следующее - оставьте только один профиль в FF(default) и перепроверьте ситуацию. //Ситуация должна быть исправлена в следующей версии продукта.
  7. Hello, we know about the issue. It should be improved in next product version. As a workaround use only one FF instance per time. Also the issue can occur if FF has more than one profile set (Run -> firefox -p). In this case its recommended to keep only one FF profile.
  8. Hello, The issue should be fixed in patch B (2725895 bug). If the issue persists, with this patch installed, then submit a request to Tech support via my.kaspersky.com site + provide a complete memory dump there. Thanks.
  9. germesz, Попробуйте отключить сторонние расширения в браузере. Есть подозрение, что дело в одном из расширений.
  10. Hello, According to our information this service can block access via VPN.
  11. Bushroo2U , I have replied you via Personal messages (on this forum).
  12. Hello, The site is infected. Contact me via Personal messages for more information. Thanks.
  13. Rajeev Subedi, hello, as it stated in the message - there is an issue with the cert on the site. As I see the domain name and name in cert are not similar. It is server side issue, not Kaspersky products. The product just shows that there is an issue with the cert.
  14. Hello, The info was sent to virlab. Please wait for our responce. Thanks.

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