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  1. Sure. Kaspersky Security Center 10 (Administration Server): http://support.kaspersky.com/ksc10
  2. Yes, you forgot to close the padlock on "KSN Statement" tab.
  3. No. This KSC was upgraded from 10.2.434 to 10.4.343. And I believe it was upgraded from 10.1.249 to 10.2.434 too. No too. I didn't try in another KSC server due this issue. Just for sharing... I rollback the "klcssrv.dll" file after deleting the expired key with the klcssrv.dll provided by you. The error events in the "event logs" was gone. But I will try this workaround in another KSC that I know it was a fresh install of the KSC 10 SP2 MR1 (10.4.343).
  4. News?
  5. I sent the GSI report to HQSupport. Please, find attached.
  6. Hello Kirill, It worked, but now I see the below message "Kaspersky Event Log" (Windows Event Viewer). The events are occouring in each minute (please find attached). Database error occured: #1950 (2812) Generic db error: "2812 '{42000} Could not find stored procedure 'fts_offline_updates_process_invalidated_hosts'.; Could not find stored procedure 'fts_offline_updates_process_invalidated_hosts'.' LastStatement='fts_offline_updates_process_invalidated_hosts'" I filtered by "errors" and I hadn't these event before replace the klcssrv.dll file. Could you help me?
  7. Hello, Cool. But... Is there any workaround to fix this now? Thanks.
  8. Hello Dmitry, I already did this. I sent the KSC traces to HQSupport (please find attached - see above). Thanks.
  9. No, I can't.
  10. Ok. I sent the ksc traces to HQSupport.
  11. I sent the screenshots to HQSupport (please find attached)
  12. The license that I can't delete is for "Security Center" and not to "WS or FS". So, it is located just to one machine (in this case, to administration server itself).
  13. By the way, this new version was published today: http://support.kaspersky.com/13482 Please close this topic.
  14. Are KSC console and server of the same version ? A: Yes. Please see my message on HQSupport. Thanks.
  15. Hi, devke Thanks for share this. Hey KL support, is there another way to fix this without reinstall/restore? (eg: an script, delete a registry, something...)