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  1. Yesterday some spanish kaspersky worker told me the same thing, I've done it, and it's not a 5 minute job. If we also have to uninstall kes and install ksws in over 15 servers we're talking about hours of work. So we're just in the same situation, but in our case all our servers have been working years with kes installed, without problem. As I've said before, looks like I have to deploy other security software, so I'll go with other vendor. The main reason is I've had two issues were I needed help from Kaspersky support, and for both there was no good answer. Best regards,
  2. Thanks for your time Ivan... I can't do anything about getting a memory dump, so I guess this is it... Best regards,
  3. Sorry Ivan, but it's not possible. The server is setup to create them, but as the system won't past the windows boot logo no dump is created. Best regards,
  4. As I said in the first post, it's possible to boot in safe mode, and uninstall KES, that's why i'ts currently working... I suppose several actions ara available for the server, but those will not include testing solutions... Best regards,
  5. Sorry, I forgot the most important part, that system is a production one, so I can test anything in it... It's really useful to have a particular product for server hardware, but as I've said, I have KES installed in other dozen servers, and per your documentation, it's a compatible product. Regarding your first question, the first time this happened was in february, we reboot our servers usually when needed for windows updates. In march happened again, so yes, it will stick at the logo again if KES is installed. Again, sorry, but it's not possible to collect KES trace in the moment of reproduction, as the system won't boot... Best regards,
  6. Are you kidding me? How is that going to solve the problem of installing KES in the server? I don't know if it's just laziness, or lack of interest or knowledge, but I find your answer inappropriate. As I've said KES have been working since we setup the server, for more than a year, and we have several other HP servers, including other 3 DL360 Gen9 servers with the software installed and setup. Does your suggestion mean I have to uninstall KES from all the servers and install KSWS? I will have, also, to create and manage new deployment and update tasks, and new policies. A will need, at least, a good reason to do it. I really think changing the security software will resolve the issue. It doesn't have to be a Kaspersky one although, it can be from several other vendors. Best regards,
  7. Yes, I've considered it, but I won't use KSWS on just one server, as the other dozen seem to do just fine with KES
  8. Hi Dmitry, I can't attach the gsi report, although it's 'only' 3.3mb You can use this link to download gsi report, and policies exports. https://nextcloud.prosoft.es/s/GioGAZ5EsP7PwqX I'll pm the password. Best regards
  9. Thanks for your prompt response... There is no 'hp velocity' software installed in the server. I know there is a special product for servers, I've used it some time ago. If I'm not mistaken KES can be installed without problem in machines with Windows Server 2016 and 2019, per your documentation.
  10. Hi, the server had installed version with out problem. I've updated all servers and computers from our company to the latest version, and that's the only machine that won't boot. The KES installation finishes without any problem, and the app works, until you reboot the machine, then it will get stuck at the hpe logo (windows startup logo) fixed, without the little dots doing loops below it. As soon as you go into safe mode the os boots, saying it couldn't apply some updates. You need to boot again in safe mode to uninstall the software. Then you can uninstall KES, and next time the server boots in normal mode. I've got another server with similar config, although it's a Proliant DL180 Gen6, and the KES update worked perfectly. Can you help me?
  11. It was just luck, we were checking group policies recently added, that did have something to do with startup. I think the fileless part, at least in our case, had to do with 'sysvol' permissions in the active directory (the .ps1 file was stored there). Hope you're able to find the cause for your warning...good luck.
  12. We just found what was causing the warning. We had a group policy executing a .ps1 script at startup, to disable al metro apps. Once we disabled this policy the warning disappeared.
  13. Sorry Nikolay, but there is no answer in the incident from the support team since July 31st, where they asked to upload some files to analyze...
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