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  1. This is a known problem with Kaspersky Internet Security / Total Security v 2018 and v2019 and Google Chrome. To solve this, check my post here: Adding particular site(s) to Exclusions list will be better option. Or you can contact Kaspersky Lab Tech Support via My Kaspersky account.
  2. Also, i have Google Backup and Sync v3.43.2448.9071 installed on my laptop. First thing i've done after installing Google Backup and Sync was removing Google Docs, Sheets and Slides extensions from Google Chrome. So far, i have no problems backing up my files on Google Drive.
  3. It is the SAME product with only different names! On Google Play it's called Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus, but when you install it on your Android phone it's called Kaspersky Internet Security (for Android). I'm telling you this from my own experince, beacuse i have it installed on two mobile android phones. But, there is a DIFFERENCE between FREE and PAID version of Kaspersky Internet Security (for Android). Compare both versions here: https://www.kaspersky.com/android-security On Google Play Store: When installed on your android phone:
  4. Settings -> Additional -> Network - > add the website to Exclusions in "Manage exclusions" section
  5. Also, you should upgrade from version 2018 to version 2019 of Kaspersky Total Security ( With your current license, it is a FREE upgrade. Release of version Just to mention, it is (much) faster version than version 2018.
  6. So, i contacted KASPERSKY LAB TECHNICAL SUPPORT via My Kaspersky account, reporting that the site is False positive website, and here is their response:
  7. That is correct. That will NOT happen only if you buy license(s) from Kaspersky Lab GLOBAL site: https://www.kaspersky.com/ In all other cases, license(s) is (are) geo restricted (country restricted), you must activate the product(s) in the country where you bought the license(s).
  8. in version 2007 there was such an option, but not in versions 2017, 2018 and 2019... you just CAN'T choose which file extensions to be scanned...
  9. well, i feel sorry for your customers, when in settins you can't even find the option to disable notifications, when you can't find the option to disable scaning encrypted sites or even add them to exclusions and when you don't know how to contact tech support for kaspersky cutting your internet connection. and, talking about lichess.org, here are some pics that proove site is working just fine, even after pressing back button: just to let you know, i have kaspersky internet security v19.0.0.1088(d) and chrome v71.0.3578.98(64-bit) installed on my laptop, and never had any problems with these versions...
  10. You encountered 3 (three) issues, eventhough they are not some BIG problems, and you are telling us that Kaspersky Lab has the WORST anit-virus software. That's strange! How about stop posting here and try to contact Kaspersky Tech Support? Never thought of that? BTW, good LUCK with Avast, i think you gonna need it!
  11. 1. The truth is: YOU are a horrible, vulgar person. 2. Another fact: Kaspersky Lab has the best anti-virus solutions. 3. At last: Get a life, mate!
  12. you can download Kaspersky Internet Security 2019 (ENGLISH language) OFFLINE installer from Tech Support. offline installers for other kaspersky lab products you can download from here: http://products.kaspersky-labs.com/ cheers
  13. Just to clarify: the option in the picture above is for enabling/disabling REGULAR Rootkit scan in the BACKGROUND. I think regular Rootkit scan runs every 24 hours, don't know for sure. And to repeat: when you do a FULL SCAN, you also do a ROOTKIT SCAN. Cheers.
  14. If you play online games, i think you should set these settings as in the picture beyond. Also, to mention that ROOTKIT SCAN is included in (is part of) FULL SCAN.
  15. I'm sure that internet connection is needed for Kaspersky Security Network (KSN) to work properly, for the database Update functionality (besides that you update the product manually) and for checking the License status. So, i guess that is why you get those alerts.
  16. i guess he means about this topic: https://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?/topic/915-how-to-help-us-help-you-with-a-log-of-your-system/
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