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  1. Do you have Kaspersky security on any tablets or iPods etc? I received the same pop up telling me I'm no longer protected even though on my PC I have over 233 days remaining. I think the reason is my Kaspersky for Galaxy TabA is about to or has already expired but I've been receiving emails reminding me to renew for the last couple of months. Thing that annoys me is why is my PC being notified when I'm fully protected? BTW I'm also in Australia. Also why doesn't "My Kaspersky" show my PC in devices when I log into it?
  2. Hi, Today I attempted to do a transaction on Ebay Australia and found a very frustrating change has been instigated, why??? I cannot understand why when something is not broke, then why fix it!! I have found an endless login loop when doing any internal moving around the Ebay site. I get logged into my Ebay account profile page, but if I click on any internal link within that page, ie, wish list/watch list... etc, I get thrown back over to Kaspersky Safe money Ebay login. I have noticed that instead of having the page you want open within the safe money browser it shows you this notice: "You are now redirected to your browser. The work in protected browser mode has ended. You can continue your operations in common browser." I return to Google and find that my account page is open and does not have the Green Safe Money Border around the page, obviously as it's not being protected by safe money. At one point I had 4 login tabs open in safe money and 2 open on the Google browser. I closed all tabs, closed the browser,deleted browsing history/cookies etc, and attempted again with the same result. Can someone please tell me how I can solve this as it's sending me crazy, and please don't tell me this is a "FIX" that Kaspersky has introduced because if it is whoever is responsible for it should lose their job.
  3. As of this morning all fixed and working ok...will be a bit like walking on thin ice for the next few days waiting to see if it's going to rear it's ugly self again to send me into an outta control ego spin!! Big thanks to whoever sorted this one out as like most of us, I'd guess that wasting time on trying to fix, what seems to be unfixable, is definately the pitts. :angry: :laugh3: Regards Doop
  4. I may get yelled at for posting this but as I still have this issue occurring then I still need a fix. KIS 2011 is still deleting/disinfecting Host file whenever I try to replace it. The last thread about this issue said it was solved and closed the topic but as of posting this I still have the problem recurring each time I replace the host file. I keep the downloaded copy from http://winhelp2002.mvps.org/hostswin7.htm on a flash drive and turn off KIS whilst I copy and paste the host file to replace the one KIS wipes out each time. I then reboot and as soon as I go onto Google KIS detects it and removes it, it doesn't even ask for a preferred way to deal with it. It is now deleting it before I log onto the net and doesn't even inform me of a detection, I have to search the detailed report to find what it's done. I've tried to put it under exceptions, no luck there it just ignores any attempt to bypass the Host file. So no, this has not been solved for everyone, maybe those with current 2013 KIS, I updated twice in the last couple of hours and still this issue persists. Doop
  5. I think you will find that Kaspersky "fixed" the issue by disinfecting "deleting" the altered host file and replacing it with the default copy. To check just go onto the net and see if all the banner ads start appearing again and that will confirm what I suspect has happened. When they get around to solving this issue you will need to download another copy of the Host File from http://winhelp2002.mvps.org/hosts.htm) and follow the instructions. You won't be able to install it until they fix this as it will be disinfected each time it's detected, so we will all have to be waiting on this to be fixed soooon!!! Regards Doop
  6. Experiencing the same issue since this morning. I would say it's down to an update, that for some reason (known only to Kaspersky), they thought they could do with some more adverse publicity from all users who have, before this, been enjoying the benefits of having this (MVPS file) useful tool. I'm now suffering the onslaught of banner ads and all the other crap that the host file dealt with. I've been using this Host File set up for years now without a problem so, " if it aint broke, don't fix it!!" I really hope they get their act together and fix this issue REAL SOON! Regards Doop
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