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  1. Hi! Thanks for the link. @Rudger79: I don't want to use KIS 2014 because I think it's not ready yet. Keep up the good work! I will install 2014 when some more fixes are made. Take care and happy xmas, tho it's almost over, and a happy new year. /Patrik
  2. Hi! I have been searching kaspersky website for a download link to KIS 2013 but I can not find anyone. (I don't want to use 2014) Could anyone please forward me into the right direction to download KIS 2013, thanks in advance. Best regards /Patrik
  3. I ment that I did not format the pc and then installed windows and KiS, I did uninstall KiS only and installed the new version, earlier, with an older verison of KiS, I had problems and then I did try KiS on a fresh installation of windows etc. Sorry if this mixed anything up. /Patrik
  4. No one got any ideas about this? This is really pissing me off, I hope not Kaspersky is going the same way symantec went... it's worse than any malware now. it's a real cpu hogger., stealing it every 5 min or so.
  5. Hi! Thanks all for the replies, I forgot to mention I have been using kaspersky for more than 6 years now that maby the lack of information, taking things for granted SaS have never been a problem before, only had to install it after KiS or KiS would sream, I have always a fresh installation and been a user of kaspersky for +6 years there has not been another security application near my pc's. but with 2010 I started to notice that KiS was not the stable security I was used to etc. huge problems with 64 bits editions etc. when 2011 launched I was happy, now maby the small annoying things will go away. This is not on a fresh installation of win7, removed KiS 2010 with the removal tool and installed 2011. I have uninstalled and installed 2011 3 times now and everytime it uses 100% of the cpu, with it uninstalled or disabled everthing works fine. windows firewall and defender is disabled. best regards /Patrik
  6. Hi all! Since I installed KiS 2011 it's been using 100% cpu now and then, I guess you all can figure out what happens when the cpu is at 100%, I have done a GSI and the only thing is superantispyware it say might be incompatible. nothing else, drivers etc. up to date. KiS 2011 (a) windows 7 64 ultimate The unknown is: HTC PC Suite.msi and the Possibly is: => Filename C:\Program Files\SUPERAntiSpyware\sasdifsv64.sys - SUPERAntiSpyware => Filename C:\Program Files\SUPERAntiSpyware\saskutil64.sys - SUPERAntiSpyware => Filename C:\Program Files\SUPERAntiSpyware\SASCore64.exe - Core Service Anyone got any ideas about this? It's really annoying. When I turn off KiS the freezing goes away, in the resours viwer I see it's KiS using all the cpu. best regards /Patrik
  7. Thanks for your answer Richbuff, guess I have to open my eyes on a new protection which i'm not to happy about, been really happy with KiS for the last 5 years.
  8. Hi! As the topic say, is there a schedueled patch/version to be released soon? As I have still problem with kaspersky and what I can tell from the posts in the forum alot more than me are having those download/speed issues with the latest version of KiS. I installed KiS .736 on a friends pc, which just bought windows 7 64 bits. and he got the same problem as others with being able to download files, KiS is cutting his download speed etc. etc. I'm a really happy KiS user for years but this is starting to become a pain, I can't run latest version as that one is worse than the older .463 a.b.c which I belive is not offically supported for windows 7? best regards /Patrik
  9. I always let KIS do the installation, I get this problem when just installing a fresh win7 and KIS installation.
  10. I think you're thinking of the URL advisor wich is a part of the Web-Anti virus? I have tried to add the urls in the exclusion lists and still same problem. As suggested by Petr Filippov in a few posts above.
  11. Thanks for your answer Ray! It wont help me with my problem as flash etc. works fine for me when KiS is disabled, maby it can be of some help for KL developers. And with .463 version I don't have these issues at all.
  12. The only addons I use in FF is adblock plus, Flashblock & Ghostery. But my problems is with a fresh installation of win 7 and only FF installed with no addons.
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