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  1. can you please post a direct link ? because in the actual KIS 2013 there's no more such feature in help/support (see pic)
  2. salute peers I've a product improvement suggestion namely to "temporarily make a program/task trusted" I'm one of those paranoid people who has KIS on High security settings, yet clicking a gazillion times "ALLOW" button, because a "non-signed" program is invoking like MS' VB or VS C++ or .NET client-distro installations, is no fun. I propose that for that thread/executed program (as long as it is running/active) to make it temporarily trusted. It could be time-bombed like max 3-5 minutes or so, and it'd to be requested again to be made temporarily trusted. cheers @
  3. Not only that, the KIS v12 addons/plugins (onscreen keyboard, anti-banner, url-advisor) that run in Firefox 4 are incompatible with Firefox 5. firefox 5 disabled those.
  4. Thats what I thought too (been present in past versions) Will do (suggest to Support) I know one more directly there ;-) Thanks for the quick reply!
  5. That sounds rather like a design flaw - is there a reason for this, that you cannot "add from scratch" an executable, noly after modifying it's rules after execution ?
  6. Hi peers, I got a question, how can i ADD an executable in the KISv11 firewall to be BLOCKED that has NOT BEEN RUN/EXECUTED YET ? all the KISv11 help reads, is that you can EDIT/MODIFY an executables' firewall rules that exist already in the application list, which HAS ALREADY been executed. And I want to add a firewall rule BEFORE it's been executed - so where and how ? cheers @
  7. Ahoy, My question is, how can i export the histories (i.e. web-browsing and Instant-Messaging histories) from KIS v11's Parental Control logs? if that is not possible, in what files/locations are such Parental Control web-browsing/chat-messaging histories logged/recorded ? also are those files in a proprietary database format or in sort of ASCII/clear-text ? if proprietary database format, what kind of database-format so i can extract said web-browsing/chat-messaging histories ? cheers and thanks in advance @
  8. the thing is - that account is for little kids, they dont know jack-squad what to click to get through anyway, nickjr.com was an example. all they do is click on a link that gets them to the kiddie-games on some kiddie-TV channel's site. it used to work just fine with KIS 2010, but in KIS2011 it screws up as depicted. Not to mention that it killed all old settings (which were quite complex, considering that NIKELODEON TV belongs to (i think) MTV-NETWORKS which is owned by VIVENDI - and both - MTV and VIVENDI have sites that little kids shouldnt see, but still nikelodeon's streams are hosted on same file-stream servers as 'not so kiddie friendly' material. I've a question - why cant KIS have a feature that 'LEARNS' what URL is 'good' and which 'isnt good'? I'm think of a feature, where you visit a site, and it shows you all the links/elements and their referer/source/target URLs so you can click-n-check them off with allow/block?
  9. using KIS 2011 v11.0.1.400 i stumbled upon a glitch,that, when you've set in PARENTAL CONTROL certain Categories to be BLOCKED, that website URLs in the Whitelist are ignored. Shouldnt the Whitelist override the Category list (see picture) ? in my example " social networks" are blocked as " category", but since NICKJR is white-listed, it's STILL blocked, but IMO it should be ALLOWED, overriding the category-block! EDIT: according to Programs's-Help, it should: "Exclusions Clicking this button will open the Block websites: exclusions window, in which you can create / edit the list of specific websites access to which is blocked / allowed, regardless of the website content control settings." But it does NOT.
  10. salute, using KIS 2010, trying to do a RDP-session from the Internet (NOT Intranet) from my NexusOne Android PDa-phone via the "REMOTE RDP" application from www.toremote.com. Port's are correctly forwarded through the NAT-router/gateway to the desktopPC. When kaspersky is off, I can access the PC via RDP. when kaspersky is ON, the connection fails to establish. If the FIREWALL Module in kaspersky is OFF i can connect via RDP also just peachy/fine. But if the Firewall Module is active, connection fails to establish. Crazy thing is, according to the settings in kaspersky, that the MSTSC.EXE (Remote Desktop/RPD) *IS* by default a "trusted" program in the firewall settings for Public Networks (internet?). It DOES work via Intranet (192.168.x.x), but not via (coming from, through my NAT-router) Internet, If Kaspersky's Firewall is active, DESPITE the MSTSC.EXE being "trusted"on all networks (trusted, local & public). Am i doing something wrong ?
  11. KIS 2010 did that to me too a week ago, with a couple trainers i had been using for MONTHS w/o issues, suddenly they're blacklisted as trojans. I uploaded them to kaspersky labs for analysis, they said the trainers do no contains viruses/malware, and that i have to update my database definition files, which i did, but they're STILL identified/marked as trojans are handled accordingly (deleted)
  12. Hai guys, I know that game-trainers are injecting code into a running executables memory-space to modify specific values withing a running game (i.e. money, health, ammo and what-not-else). but why the hell is a trainer (namely the BREWERS-series) labeled as Trojan-Spy.Win32.Agent.bhko if they're not ? Especially if i have that trainer for MANY MONTHS on my desktop (not desktop = computer, desktop = windows7 64bit enterprise Ed.) and have been using kaspersky ALSO for more than several years, and ONLY since TODAY it's being labeled as Trojan-Spy.Win32.Agent.bhko care to elaborate ? either Kaspersky is SLEEPING in updating it's virus database for it, or not doing the homework indepth to FULLY ANALYZE what a executable actually does ? Like, having an internal digital signature/CRC/MD5-hash of program X that (like in this BREWERS.EXE case) is NOT a virus. so...what the matter here ? cheers @
  13. @ Victor Okay, I've been using the SAMSUNG SGH i907 (WindowsMobile 6.1) for about two years now, and KAV Mobile was ok for it. But Windows Mobile as we know it is practically dead; there are barely any new applications programmed for WindowsMobile 6.x - especially after Microsoft announced a few months that upcomming WindowsPhone 7 will have NO backwards programs-compatibility with prior WindowsMobile versions, due to the fact that only .NET v4 and XNA are allowed as programming platforms. Symbian OS 9.5 was released in 2007/2008 and is officially depreciated as operating system, and has been released as public source due to obsoleteness. Palm (WebOS) is officially for sale, with HTC and LENOVO trying to get their hands on. Blackberry's are on the decline too with their lack of advanced software support for corporate uses. That leaves iPhones and Android as "to-be market share giants" for now and the foreseeable near future. But I do not see a KAV Mobile for ANY of those platforms available - Why Not ? PDA-phones are currently big-time on the rise with great web 2.0/net-cloud capabilities - which gives great chances to be exploited and infiltrated with malware. Do you, Kaspersky Labs, really want to leave that market untapped ? so, again: WHY ARE THERE NO KAV MOBILES VERSIONS FOR ANDROID PHONES NOR IPHONES NOR WEBOS OR OTHER MOBILE PLATFORMS AVAILABLE? cheers @
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