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  1. 1. Yes 2. Two (Installation of KSC is on Second DC [bDC]) 3. I will try this now!
  2. Somehow, this really worked for me on the Second Domain Controller with step 2. You have to install KSC9, then launch C:\Program Files (x86)\Kaspersky Lab\Kaspersky Security Center\klsrvswch.exe, switch from Local System to Domain and Choose your Domain Administrator Account. Finish Wizard, you don't have to restart. Launch KSC10 Setup and finish it! Thank you for that Workaround!
  3. I tried to delete all registry entries manually, no chance! Then i found http://support.kaspersky.com/de/faq/?qid=207618902, that cleans whole system from Kaspersky Products... I removed also SQL2005 complete and installed 2008 from KSC10! Seems that Something goes wrong with Domain rights for the Users added by Setup (This KLAdmin, KL* Users in Domain, i also tried to delete it, they are added new in everey run of Setup), so i tried the Custom install with Domain Administrator Account....But nothing worked out! Finally i've tested KSC10 ona fresh installed Windows 7 64bit and Win 2008 R2 as Domain Member, not as PDC or BDC. It worked, but i like to install it on our BDC, cause this Server has nothing to do....some shares and DNS, wow... a third Win 2008 Server is no problem but a waste of Time, License, Hard Disk Space, CPU, RAM...Anyway, KSC9 worked as a PDC / BDC. I try to reinstall KSC9, then the KSC10 Console Plugin and all i need for KES10. No other way at the Moment. 50 Computers are running without KSC now, i get more and more errors with updates and VPN Networks are blocked, somehow we cant add trusted network over the Clients...
  4. Hello, got the same Error, tried it in 1000 ways with other User Accounts. My Windows Server 2008 is not Primary DC but Backup DC, Update from SC9 to SC 10 dont worked so i uninstalled all, also the SQL Server...I lost all my Settings
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