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  1. All of the machines that we tested the above solution on came back with an "OK" status yesterday after the scan task and update. Today when we checked the security center again, they are all back to "Not scanned in a long time". Sorry for getting everyone's hopes up, we'll be submitting traces and connector traces to upper level support today to see if we can find a solution that works. I'll post back when we get a reply.
  2. Until Kaspersky releases a fix for this you should be able to remedy the problem by following the below steps: 1. Locate the scan task and go to properties>properties>Objects to scan>Settings. 2. Make sure the following items are in the scan scope and if they are not make sure to add them: System memory Startup objects Disk boot sectors %windir% %windir%\system %windir%\system32 %windir%\system32\drivers %windir%\SysWOW64 - under x64 OS versions only %windir%\SysWOW64\drivers - under x64 OS versions only (MAKE SURE the "including subfolders" checkbox is DISABLED-UNCHECKED for all of the above objects beginning with %windir%) 3. Run the scan task and verify that the problem has been fixed. Remember that in order for it to show in Security Center it must perform an "Info Update". Let me know if this works for you!
  3. Our team received an email from Kaspersky this morning stating in part: "This has been recognized by our development team as a bug..." Upper level support has requested that we do additional testing.
  4. We've noticed this problem as well related to the vulnerability scan via net agent. In our environments we've only seen extremely high CPU usage from the net agent on Win Server 2008R2 platforms. All of the local clients on Win7 platforms are running fine. Making sure to run the scan only on child objects that are not servers has resolved this issue at least for many of our clients.
  5. We've seen this behavior across many of our clients when upgrading. We submitted an escalated case and are currently awaiting a reply. As mentioned in the previous post, running the built-in scan (as if it wasn't under a group policy) does fix the issue. The problem with that solution is that 1 week later the issue will arise again (assuming your warning is at 7 days). We've spent at least 8 hours with support and uploaded over 20gb of data for them to look at. I'm sure it's a documented issue at this point.
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