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  1. Good to hear. I only managed to find my code after the issue was fixed :b_lol1: I just uninstalled it with activation details intact so all is good on my end as well. Just wanted to say thanks to you guys for the help.
  2. Ok, my Kaspersky Pure version is So I guess I need the latest version of Pure. Problem is I don't have my activation code. When I bought the boxed version they gave me a Registration Code to access it and they sent the code to my email. I've been trawling my email and I can't find it. I'm hoping I didn't delete it. But if I did, is there another way to check what it is? When I hit "My Kaspersky" it comes up with a blank webpage that says 'Bad Request'. Also, the support line is only open when I'm at work. Thanks.
  3. Thanks Richbuff, I'm assuming this problem is linked to the one regarding Kaspersky's update that stopped some users from browsing the net? I will check my Kaspersky Pure version when I get home. Is there a way to disable the web anti-virus and then download Pure 2.0 (which I believe has the fix)? Or do I need to uninstall Pure and then reinstall Pure 2.0? Thanks in advance
  4. Thanks. Yeah, it's the same for me. I can only get online on my laptop. And right now I'm on my work comp so I can only get the version when I get home. By the way I found this: http://support.kaspersky.com/4726 on another thread. Do you think it's worth a try? p.s. don't try it unless you're absolutely sure or until one of the mods/experts says it's ok :b_lol1:
  5. I have this "black list of licenses is corrupted" problem too. AND I haven't been able to get online either for some reason. Are these occurrences linked? For some reason I can Skype people BUT when I get on a browser and try to surf the net or even just go to google, it either takes ages to load or doesn't load at all. Thanks for any help that can be given. p.s. The one I have is Kaspersky Pure, I bought it early last year. Unsure of the version
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