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  1. Hello, Is the Safe Money feature in kaspersky Pure 3 a sandbox? If so, are you able to use it while browsing the web normally? Thanks for any info, Cu-Sith.
  2. Hey mark117, Sorry for the late reply. I didn't find any problems like that myself, I used the latest version too. My one gripe would be that it added a few seconds onto the desktop loading time, not a big issue though. Cu-Sith.
  3. Hi mark117 - thanks for the insight. I hope it's never necessary but the extra layer of protection will give me more peace of mind. I'll try out Key Scrambler personal for now & somewhere down the line think about upgrading, though I'm loath to spend money on extra software unless I have too. Cheers, Cu-Sith.
  4. Hello, Does anyone know if KeyScrambler & Kaspersky Pure 2/3 are compatible? Any opinions on KeyScrambler are also welcome. Thanks, Cu-Sith.
  5. As the mod said it's just a few functions you loose... gotta read the small print lol :rtfm: In fairness the features that don't work aren't even available in a lot of the rival AV's. IMO it's still a great product. I found this informative: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kernel_Patch_Protection
  6. Are you sure? Application control (for Pure 2) isn't stated as 'limited' for 64 bit operating systems on the website: "*The following limitations apply for all x64 operating systems: Password Manager is not available for 64-bit applications on x64 operating systems. Safe Desktop is not available on x64 operating systems. Safe Browser and Safe Run Mode are not available on Microsoft Windows XP x64. Safe Browser and Safe Run Mode run with limited functionality on Microsoft Windows Vista x64 and Microsoft Windows 7 x64 (running applications cannot create COM-objects)."
  7. Out of curiosity are all of your settings on their maximum security level? For example, under >Settings >Web Antivirus >Settings >General >Heuristic analysis is 'Deep scan' selected?
  8. How did it fail you? Before I swapped to Kaspersky I used to use freeware, however, after getting nailed by some kind of 'drive by' exploit (I didn't download a thing) on a legitimate & usually safe website (that ironically was talking about anti-malware tools) I decided to pay for a more robust AV. I've not had any malware since :beer:
  9. When you are dealing with sections on Kaspersky Pure that are password protected there is a little box you can tick called 'Save password for current session'. It sounds like that might have been ticked. If your problem persists after a reboot then you can rule this out. Ensure your settings are configured properly. Click on >'Settings' (top right) > 'Password' (4th icon at the top) and make sure you have a tick by 'Enable password protection' as well as a tick next to 'Managing parental controls'. Then click 'apply'. Other than that I'm out of ideas. Cu-Sith.
  10. Hi richbuff, Sorry for the slow reply. It appears my problem was the result of a gammy update (I assume) as it fixed itself following an update on friday(ish) and I didn't change/(un)install anything myself. Kaspersky Pure is back to running smoothly now :cb_punk: Thanks, cu-sith.
  11. Hi, Is anyone else experiencing trouble with Kaspersky Pure & its scanning function? Under 'Computer Protection' every time I try to access the 'Scan' section, K.P. freezes, crashes then sends an error report to their labs. Scan scheduling also appears down, with scans accessible from the main K.P. page but I'm not sure they even run properly as a broken scan window pops up. *Broken as in an empty scanning progress box opens with no info. Thanks, Cu - Sith.
  12. Sorry, I meant I've used HitmanPro as an on demand scanner, not spybot, I've not used spybot in years now. Though I've never had any issue with using Malwarebytes (Pro), HitmanPro or SUPERAntiSpyware alongside Kaspersky Pure, a Kaspersky tech guy just told me K.Pure has some compatibility issues with SUPERAntiSpyware.
  13. Why do I feel cheated when that was given as answer to the question :ao:
  14. I was gutted when I realised my OS wasn't compatible with the safe run features... but wowsers you windows 8 guys are missing a lot of features that you probably think you're paying for List of all the stuff you miss out on: http://support.kaspersky.com/9248
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