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  1. hello, i have a 5 computer license. but on my surface book i keep getting pop ups. every day... i attached a snapshot. This is the main one... Google Chrome invalid name of certificate. url : admin.brightcove.com i always hit disconnect, but is this an ok thing to hit "continue"? it comes up every day.
  2. KIS 2010 Application Version (a. My Computer crashed yesterday. When I turned it back on I noticed my clock was reset to January 1 2001... and it would not take an internet sync. Sooo I did a restore point back to April 7th... and then i was able to sync my clock with internet time. (The only reason I mention the clock is because I seen in a few threads where support states to be certain your clock is correct)... OK, so now my clock is correct, etc, but My KIS 2010 keeps telling me my databases are corrupted. I click on UPDATE and it completes in literally 1 second.., and it says "not all components were updated". My databases are still corrupted. I also did the proxy check, uncheck... still didnt work. Is there a way to download the latest databases WITHOUT having to uninstall KIS and reinstall?
  3. Hello, my laptop suddenly has high CPU usage , drops to 12% but jumps back up to 100% and stays there for minutes although im not even doing anything... I stopped all non microsoft services, restarted, same thing... I clicked on the Task Manager / resource monitor and it shows high CU and Disk usage at 95 and 100% also even when im not using laptop to do anything. I ran virus protection. no virus. is theer a moe thorough way to run KIS? Is Safe mode a better more effecient way to run kis?
  4. Hi, I have been using the kaspersky 5 pc license for a few years... Ive upgraded to the 2010 version on all my pc's except one... on my XP laptop, im still running Im unable to install the latest kis2010_9.0.0.736 because it keeps saying that i have the following installed: "mcafee security center with virus scan 12.1" But i do not have mcAfee, nor has this laptop ever had mcAfee... and Ive had kis running on this same laptop for 3 years... so why now, would it say i cant upgrade? Also i checked in "add move programs", mcAfee is not listed. Is anyone else having this problem? how do i get 2010 onto my laptop?
  5. not that i know of... bt if i did by mostake, i doubt that i made the mistake on my other pcs as well. and my mother has same issue on her pc with kis10. its frustrating as hell.
  6. STill having the same exact issue on all PC's... There is one thing Ive noticed though... If I restart the PC, Th eIE window will open immediately and stay working good for a few hours... BUt after a few hours, it begins to slow down... and by teh end of the night my IE window will stall for 10 seconds before opening and must be restarted to fix. by the way, YES that is annoying to me... 2 PC's are for work, and its an internet business, so hell yeah its annoying. Also, If i still can not find the solution, can soemoen tell me the proper way to just scrap the 2010 and go back to 2009.. i had no problems with 2009... I'll use that until kaspersky figures the problem with their software out... and yes I do believe it is a problem with their software. I have 5 PC's, Vista, XP, Gaming PC, and all have different software installed,,, 2009 worked flwalessly, yet 2010 gives me this IE delay on every PC.. thats a probelm with kaspersky, not operator error... maybe many other people just dont leave their PCs on all the time as i do.. but try leaving it on, and browsing the web, come back on day 2 and see if there is a IE slow down...
  7. by the way, how do i get a moderator to look at my thread? I checked the support page link, but its just a knowledgebase, and link back to the forum. I have already checked forum and knowledgebase. so im hoping to get a moderator to help me out??? thanks.
  8. Thank you all for replies. all are appreciated. 1. yeah 10 seconds is a freakin long time. lol. We use the PC for business, All my other computers start up in 1 or 2 seconds, probably less... but this one computer takes literally 10 seconds... makes me feel like i have an old computer. it just hangs... 2. ok thanks, yes i'll write to teh helpdesk. 3. yeah i saw the xp computer had 159 red flags. thats crazy. again, thanks to you all.
  9. Do you think you can help me with my other PC? Its XP, and it is just annoying to use for business when each window takes forever to open... my specs are below... by the way, am i able to go back to KIS 9 (with my newly purchased license?) I may have to because its just too slow... I do have extra things installed on thsi pc, such as a dialogic card, and Voiceguide software. SECOND PC Version: Windows XP Pro Service Pack 2 2 gig memory Windows Firewall is Off Backup software: Acronis True Image Home I have no other Virus software other than KIS running. I did the 'Get System Info' check that was suggested in another thread, my results are here: http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...637e3539770dcf5
  10. Ive never used windows defender, Ive disabled it since i first bought laptop. I disbale by this method: Control panel / Windows Defender / Tools / Options / and i scroll all the way down and deselect "use windows defender".. I know its disabled because if i try and go back to it, it asks me if i want to "turn it on". funny thing is that a few days ago (without me changing anything), suddenly my vista laptop started working properly.. (the internet explorer started up quickly as it should).. however the XP computer still takes liek 10 seconds to open the browser window...
  11. hmmm, im confused i guess... thats making me look like i dont know what im doing... the screenshot says windows defender, but i havent ever used defender.. and i even just checked 'control panel/windows defender', and a popup is displayed stating that "windows defender is turned off"... and i checked parental and thats not set up either... thats odd. well ill look into it more in the morning, thanks for your reply...
  12. thanks for the reply. (1) I did uninstall 2009 first. (2) windows defender is disabled (3) I dont have parental control on...
  13. Hello, I have recently upgraded to and installed KIS 10 (kis9.0.0.463en.exe). I have the 5 pc license.. I Only installed on 3 pc's so far... It causes same issue on 2 of the 3 PC's... XP & VISTA.. it is causing an issue with internet explorer 7. ISSUE: When I open a new IE window, the window will show up but it will be blank... even the URL box will be blank. it will stay blank for about 7 to 10 seconds, and then finally display the default home page (google.com) in the url and in window. however, once a browser window is open, I can click on any of my 'FAVORITES' and it will show that page immediately as usual.. yet if I click on a new tab, I get the same delay... FYI NOTES: This occured immediately after installing KIS 10. I uninstalled KIS 9, before installing the new downloaded 10 (kis9.0.0.463en.exe). The delay occurs even after I exit from KIS. but I know it is related to KIS because it occured on 2 PC's only After the KIS 10 install. FIRST PC Version: Windows Vista Home Premium SP1 64 bit O/S 4 gig memory Windows Firewall is Off Windows Defender is Off Backup software: Acronis True Image Home I have no other Virus software other than KIS running. I did the 'Get System Info' check that was suggested in another thread, my results are here: http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...e094320c005bb9d
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