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  1. Thanks for your help, Folks! I hadn't even thought that the SELLER could be at fault (I always check the Amazon ratings before any purchase ... EXCEPT this time! If I had I'd have noticed the 41% POSITIVE rating and avoided him like the plague). I think the lowball price ($22.50 for a NEW Kaspersky PURE 3, 3-user, 1-year CD) and the Amazon Prime Free 2-day shipping must have overwhelmed me and I jumped on it. So here's the email I just sent to Amazon: "The NEW Kaspersky license I ordered was activated on the day I purchased it even though I installed it 73 days later. Thus I LOST 73 days of my 1-yr license. This seller (MagiCTRL) is obviously fraudulent ... 26 of 100 total customers had similar or worse problems with Kaspersky licenses purchased from him. Another customer had exactly the problem I had and guessed that the seller "tested" the license key on the date of sale to insure it was "legal" ... I also believe that is what happened to me. It's my fault that I didn't check the rating on this seller at purchase time (rare for me), so I'll eat the $4.50 I've lost in license time. I just want to make sure Amazon is aware of this seller's activities. Since the seller seems to have nothing on Amazon at the moment, it could be that Amazon has already taken action against him. If so, good for you! If not, go get him! Thanks!" Thanks again, Folks! And don't make MY mistake ... ALWAYS check those seller ratings! PS...I tried to attach a PDF file here, but it seems I'm "not permitted to upload this type of file" ... don't know why.
  2. I've purchased two "Pure 3" 3-user, one-year licenses for each of the last two years for six computers. I purchased another 3-user, 1-year CD on 8 Aug 13. Yesterday (19 Oct 13) one computer said "Pure license expires in 1 day," so I tore open the CD case and entered the new license key (first use of this CD). Today I looked at the Pure screen, and it says "License Remaining: 292 days." Incredible! It should say 365 days (new license + 1 day left on old license). I checked the purchase date (8 Aug 13) and found it to be 73 days before installation, and adding this 73 to the 292, we get 365. Surely this cannot be a COINCIDENCE! So is Kaspersky saying that my license began ON THE DAY I PURCHASED THE CD? How would Kaspersky even have KNOWN that date since I purchased the CD from Amazon? What's going on? It's 32 years since the PC era began ... shouldn't things by now be simpler, more accurate, and more honest? How do I get my 73 days back (and that's also for the NEXT TWO computers I install this key into)? This computer is a fully current WinXP, and my Pure version is also current (13.02.558C).
  3. I have PURE 2.0 installed (vsn dated 9/1/12) and have had this problem for the last three days (today is 8 Jan 13). Searching for the answer, I found not only this possible solution, but also several links to Kaspersky Support referencing a different solution (reference numbers 4259, 6649, 6869, and maybe others). The solution on this forum was not pertinent since my system date and time were correct. The other solution suggested by Kaspersky is that "System Watcher" was disabled, and the fix was to enable it and retry the update. Alas, my "System Watcher" WAS enabled. Moments ago I tried the reverse and disabled it. The update succeeded! I then RE-enabled "System Watcher," restarted my computer (may not have been necessary), and repeated the update. Success again! Don't know why it worked, but am happy it did. BTW, this problem ("error updating KLAVA") is at least THREE YEARS old ... the first mention of it that I found was in Jan '10. Of course, this should have been fixed long ago.
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