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  1. I have the subscription for 3 PCs. 2 are being used. I recently acquired an old PC that i will be using. I downloaded the trial version to see how everything worked. All is great. My question is can I use my subscription for the trial version? What I am asking is if the trial version would be a whole new subscription?
  2. Here is a screenshot of the details Richbuff! Also to Fenderman: I also use malware Bytes free version. However no add blocker. I definitely will do that.
  3. Sorry in the above post i meant to say "I clicked the "Resolve" button" Was that the correct action to take?
  4. After doing a full scan, a file came up as adware.. I get a popup saying file is "Legitimate program that can damage Computer ,etc." My question is? In the resolve button the option I have is to Add to Exclusions". Is this the action I take.? Thanks in advance for any help.
  5. Thanks Benny, Everything is back to normal now! Thanks for the assist!
  6. Please clarify the above solution as a lot of us are unsure with these settings. By magnify are you saying "Run" or command prompt? When using command prompt I get to services with every service checked. So just uncheck " Windows Defender Anti Virus Service"? There is also a service called "Windows Defender Anti Virus network Service" do I shut that down as well? Going to startup there are 2 items listed "Windows defender Notification"
  7. I’m running windows 10, I noticed my antivirus has switched to Windows Defender. However the Firewall is covered by Kaspersky. I’m sure this was caused by Microsoft in an update of some kind Am I right that to fix this it would be better to do a clean install of K.I.S? I just want to make sure that is the proper way to address this issue.
  8. Thanks for your reply. From what I have learned so far, I doubt its KIS causing this, rather a Microsoft issue in win 7. Ill try running it from now till tomorrow morning, Until I try other remedies.
  9. I have a question on this as well. On one of my PCs that runs win 7. KIS upgraded to the 2017 version as well. I've been having problems with windows update now hangs and runs for hours and finds no updates. My question is have you heard of the KIS auto upgrade causing anything like this?
  10. I posted a couple weeks ago on this. I have a new renewal key. My last year is to expire today. I can see no way to enter updated key! I went on My Kaspersky portal and entered the new licence. Its listed as unused. It shows my old licence as having a 6 day grace period! What is the secret to entering this new licence?
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