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  1. I've gone and done what alioven has shown. This has actually resolved my issue Thanks alioven!
  2. Sorry for such a late reply; however, I've attached an image file with screenshots of the top level and a sublevel
  3. Yes, there is a locker and it appears unlocked; however, is disabled so I cannot set it to locked. Sure, I could provide a screenshot. Which one do you want? Me setting it as "Inherit" or what it looks like after I've set it and reopened the properties window and loses the checkmark? LOL Not sure otherwise how that might help in troubleshooting.
  4. KES10 SP1 and KSC 10.2.434 (should have included that in the original post duh)
  5. I have managed group folders and they mimic our Active Directory OU structure I have noticed that all of the "Critical Status" settings I had placed on the top level Managed Computers folder had not stuck. On all of the subfolders within the Computer Status section, there is the Inherit checkbox. I keep checking that checkbox; however, every time I go to check and make sure it took - it has reverted back to unchecked. How do I get it to take hold?
  6. Ahhhh I got it When I would remove both of the computers from their Managed Group folder, they would show up in Unassigned Computers again Problem is, that "Unassigned Computers" showed both variances of the name as well Deleted them from the Managed Groups, then also deleted them from "Unassigned Computers" Did a Poll on Active Directory and then ONLY the properly named system showed up with all of the correct info
  7. Yes, every time I delete them they come back (with different numbers) klmover -dupfix did not work either
  8. None of the systems are imaged. I'll try klmover
  9. Hello Everyone Running the latest version of KSC (10.2.434) I've had this problem for a while now, and now that we are starting to mail the reports to the Help Desk I need to find a way to resolve it. Anyway, within the managed computer groups, KSC seems to show some systems twice Once by plain host name ( COMPUTERONE ) and once differently ( COMPUTERONE~110707 (where digits after the ~ vary) ) Now the plain host name version (COMPUTERONE) shows up as having everything installed; however, shows Agent as not running and shows version numbers differently than the other, also shows the status as critical for not being connected for a long time. Also, the "Other" instance of the system (in this example COMPUTERONE~110707) everything is correct and communicates with KSC perfectly Both 'versions' of these systems show the correct IP and everything. This is happening on multiple systems
  10. The ports are not present in the list of monitored ports
  11. It seems that the users started receiving this after being upgraded to KES10 SP1, yes. By logon script - I mean like a our domain logon script (NETLOGON.PNG attached) If they open a run box and type in \\domain.local\NETLOGON\logonscript.vbs they get the error They can ping the domain, ping domain controllers, ping other machines on the network IF I logon to MY computer as these people, connect to a non-domain connected network with Internet access, VPN into our network as these people - problem does not exist IF I log on to THEIR computer as myself and do the same (connect to internet and VPN in as myself) - problem still exists Seems to have something to do with Kerberos authentication, as if we are on the end user machine with THEIR credentials and try to do a NET USE command they get an error something along the lines of "you are already logged on to this computer with that user id" (cannot remember the exact error) BUT, then it prompts for a User ID and Password and if we use a different set of credentials in those prompts, it works I was trying to set the firewall (within KES policy) to allow TCP and UDP ports 88; however, not sure if I am doing correct MS Link stating to do so https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/938457
  12. We've just upgraded to KES 10 SP1 ( on both clients and KSC Pushed out the updates to workstations via the security center and now many of the VPN users are reporting they cannot run the logon scripts. They seem to be getting errors similar to below: "The system detected a possible attempt to compromise security. Please ensure that you can contact the server that authenticated you." How do I go about opening TCP and UDP port 88, I'm understanding that would be the fix
  13. Count me in on all of this... Getting the same issue INC000004414920 Not sure if I really needed to reply here or just wait for them to see my incident request (since I'm leaving for the day) Thanks either way
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