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  1. The program will stuck for a while when I click on the "Computer scan" tab and content simply remain the same as the previously tab. Not sure about whether other parts of it work OK...
  2. I located the problem by using a system event logger. Turns out that my new 2012 retina macbook pro will sync my system clock when booting up windows so KIS may think it's database is obsoleted. Stop KIS from conceding resources at startup will somehow solve the problem. Meanwhile, I noticed booting up the windows partition using vmware will also cause the problem because vmware will also try to sync the clock with the host system. Please fix, thanks. P.S. Anybody know how to change the Kaspersky system service runas account? The account I used to install KIS with administrator privilege is about to be deleted thanks to some reason, I'm afraid KIS may stop working after that.
  3. I'm using Kaspersky Internet Security 2013, updated yesterday by downloading the main program from here the official website. I'm using a license bought from a local reseller.
  4. Sometimes, due to my slow Internet connection or switching between different APs, as the Kaspersky is updating, it seemed will result in obsoleted database and my licensing gone unverified until my next successful update. Meanwhile, all my protections seemed to be disabled and I'm naked to all potential virus... nice work, Kaspersky! My office won't allow our computer connect to Internet without VPN, so that means it take me more than half a day to find KIS is not working at all.
  5. Great, now I kept getting this all the time. Even after I shut down Chrome Kaspersky will still crash repeatedly, and giving the very helpful infomation as snapshot below displayed.
  6. Recently I start to use Chrome browser as an backup option, which has a few security addon support from Kaspersky Internet Security software. I notice if I enable them and start Chrome my KIS will terminate abnormally and ask me to send technical information in order to figure out the problem. I suggest that's cause by Safe money, Site adviser, Virtual keyboard or any other addon available for Chrome? Any chance I can get rid of this problem?
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