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  1. thanks Rudger79. Regarding setting the home network adapters to local or trusted, rather than public, which of the three options offers (for want of a better expression) the tightest/best level of protection; the only thing I have connected to the computer is a router and a printer, which are both hard wired. Thanks.
  2. Hi I would like to ask a couple of questions to see if there is anything to be concerned about. 1. As can be seen in the screenshot, there appear to be 3 possible network connections (sorry if this is the wrong terminology). My problem is that as far as I know there should only be 2, namely, the wireless connection (which I don't use and have turned off) and the ethernet connection, which I knowingly do use. Therefore is the 'other networks' connection something to be concerned about? The ethernet controller shows disconnected because I only enable it whenever I want to access the internet, then disable it again. 2. clicking on the 'other networks', then edit brings up a box as shown in this next screenshot Note that the 'status' shows as connected whereas in the screenshot above it shows as disconnected. Does anyone have any idea what's going on with this please? Here's the gsi report: http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...b392c77bd4870ff thanks PS I've already run the norton removal tool and manually searched for and deleted all references to norton/symantec/geardrvs that I could find.
  3. thanks for the link richbuff. driver now updated and new getsys link supplied: http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...8bb60e4321ce2e4 I was just going to log out after supplying the above info and just checked to see if the application was still blank but hey presto the application now appears. It was malwarebytes, that I had previously uninstalled and still have uninstalled but now appears. Whether it was related to the wireless driver I don't know but all is now accounted for. However, any ideas about why such large amounts of date are being sent? thanks
  4. Forgot to add getsys info, if this helps: http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...b31531e223d7761 (I've already used the Norton removal tool and searched for terms e.g. norton / symantec and manually removed them and I'm not sure which driver to use to upate the wireless driver but I don't use wireless anyway).
  5. Hi A couple of questions. 1. Looking in the network monitor screenshot, does anyone know why, in the application column, there is no application entered below the google chrome entry, yet data has been sent and received totallling 20.32MB? 2. On a different note, why is so much data being sent. It seems relatively huge amounts e.g. the operating system sending 406MB? Thanks.
  6. I have patch b installed and have since rebooted 3 or 4 times since the patch but as of today antibanner in vista standard account keeps freezing/not responding. I note that others have open support tickets re this issue so will wait and see what happens; not that I can do much else.
  7. I have the same problem, as reported in an ealier post: http://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?s=&am...t&p=2084296 and: I've found that reverting back to selected URL's occurs in two ways: first, is during web surfing, it starts off scanning all websites and goes to selected of its own accord; second, when selecting scan all URL's, backing out the page then going into it again - the setting has changed to selected again. edit: add quote tags.
  8. Not sure what you are referring to about searching 'not processed'. I don't know if you thought I searched the term but I didn't. As my screenshot shot shows at the start of this thread 91 files were not processed as part of a full scan. It is these files that I am referring to. Anyway the problem for me is resolved as I formatted C:\ Cheers.
  9. I couldn't be bothered to bother whether there was any issue here so I just wiped the hard drive and reinstalled everything. It took a couple of days but better safe than sorry. Full scans since then don't say anything about unprocessed files. Seems like job done. Cheers
  10. Since my original post that started this thread I have found the only way to revert to normal is to reboot. Once the problem is there (i.e. the inverted caps lock problem) I have found no amount of fiddling will temporarily sort it, as would happen with kis13 by tapping the enter key a few times. with kis14 it needs a reboot, then hope it doesn't happen for a while. with me, it happens about every second or third startup. I sent the issue to kasp lab when notifying them about the anti-banner problem in vista std account but they ignored the problem of the caps lock when replying to me. I won't fiddle with the registry as I don't want to create more problems for myself if I make a mistake (I know I can backup the registry before fiddling but I'll just put up with it for now). thanks
  11. Hi I did a full scan and found that 91 files were not processed, as in the screenshot . I don't recall having this happen before so what should I do now with these skipped files. Regards
  12. Hi I always use vista std account for years. In addition, nothing has changed with my using windows (that I know of). All that has happened is I uninstalled kis13, rebooted, then installed kis14, updated, then rebooted.
  13. Hi darther seems like a bit of a problem with kis14 then, good to know it's not just on my pc. which OS and account(s) are you using? i've no probs with vista admin account, prob only occurs in vista std account. You also say selecting anything else works fine. I've no problem selecting url advisor for all websites, it's just that it reverts to specific websites of its own accord. have you selected all websites and does the setting stay there?
  14. Oh well antikythera, I downloaded and installed the driver then rebooted but unfortunatley it hasn't had any beneficial affect. In windows admin account I can acces anti-banner no problem but in windows std account kis14 still freezes and I can only get out of it with a reboot. I also still have the problem with kasp URL advisor in kis14, as mentioned in a previous post, in that the settings keep changing of their own accord from all sites (that I set it to) to specified websites.
  15. I had rebooted by the time I read your reply and the problem had gone but I'll try your method if it re-occurs. thanks.
  16. Hi thanks for your reply. I went to the link you gave, selected vista and clicked on drivers download. I was then left with the page as you see it in the screenshot - unsure if something was downloaded as kis14update was running at the same time: Is that it or do I need to select something from the options below in the 3 results matching? Thanks
  17. this is a strange little problem that's just now occured. I've just now logged in to reply regarding previous posts and the caps lock function has inversed (for want of a better word). with the caps lock on the text appears as is here in lower case. however, with the caps lock off, I get CAPITAL letters. KIS13 used to do this but only at the start of typing. by hitting 'return' a few times this would seem to revert things back to the way they should be. this time however with KIS14 it's just stuck regardless - since installing kis14.
  18. thanks for your reply. just backing out answers that then but any idea why the setting keeps changing of its own accord from 'all' websites to 'on specified websites only'? thanks
  19. GSI http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...27c793c43f6c2d5 thanks Re user account, in this exact order: I'd installed KIS14 in windows admin account, set all the settings, activated KIS14, updated, rebooted, went into std account, set all the settings then rebooted. then just fiddling I checked my setting in KIS14 and up popped this problem and it's been the same since further reboots.
  20. In kis14, the URL advisor setting keeps changing of its own accord. As in the screenshot: I have the URL advisor set to check all websites. This is set via the kaspersky short cut in IE9 and via the GUI in settings>protection>web antivirus, etc. However, the settings change in both of those areas of its own accord to 'on specified websites only'. This can happen as soon as I leave the setting page or after surfing a few web pages. In the boxes in which settings can be changed there seems to be no apply/ok box to confirm the settings. Anyone any ideas?
  21. Thanks for your replies. In KIS13 there was a box that said something like use windows sounds and if that box was unchecked the pig squeelled on cue but it's that check box that I can't find. Is it the case then that the pig is the default sound now? Gringopig - thanks for the pm, I tried replying but not sure if it was sent as nothing appeared in the sent box - thanks.
  22. I can't find the squeeling pig in KIS14. Has it been removed? If not, where is it? I liked that pig.
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