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  1. The screenshot gives an example of my network traffic today, using IE9 and Firefox.


    It can be seen that for both browsers the outgoing data amount is approx 50% of the incoming data amount.

    I can't understand why the outgoing amount for the explorers is so high - why have outgoing data / why so high, etc?

    I was hoping that other users could check their network traffic monitors and see what sort of percentages they have. Perhaps my value is normal (approx 50%) or maybe its excessive; values from other users would help clarify if this is a problem or not, so could other users please have a look at report back.

    Also, I was hoping that moderators could suggest if the outgoing traffic could be controlled by using e.g. application control or the firewall.

    Any help appreciated.

  2. As well as the outgoing data problem above, I noticed this all started since seeing a problem in vulnerability scan.

    Running the scan a few days ago, 3 vulnerabilities were detected. clicking on detected vulnerabilities showed only 2 vulnerabilities in 'system vulnerabilities' with none in vulnerable applications - no vulnerabilities had been detected or fixed prior to that as everything has been reinstalled on the PC. the 2 vulnerabilities showing were fixed but this still leaves a third not showing up anywhere.

    I ran vulnerability scan again which this time detected 1 vulnerability. clicking on detected vulnerabilities shows nothing in sytem vulnerabilities or vulnerable applications. clicking 'show fixed vulnerabilities' does show the two fixed ones but of course, where is the third one. it could be that this vulnerability is related to the huge outgoing data problem.

    any help please?

  3. Hi


    In the 'Network Activity Monitor', a few days ago on a particular day I noticed that data usage for IE9 was approx 350MB incoming and 200MB outgoing.


    This seems strange considering I had not uploaded any data myself e.g. email attachments. Full scans using kaspersky 2013 and Malwarebytes found no malware. Another day usage was 166.3MB incoming and 90MB outgoing (256.3MB total). So far today its been 13.1MB incoming and 7.4MB outgoing.


    Therefore, the thing that's concerning me is the amount of outgoing data. I'm not uploading anything myself so I don't understand why IE9 is sending out so much data? Does this seem to be malware activity or is this something that e.g. IE9 does of its own accord as part of its normal operation and is there any way I can stop outgoing data using kasp 2013 unless I allow it?


    help please.


    GSI http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...0e1c5c20ab0d203


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