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  1. Hi folks, I'm having 2 issues with Kaspersky Total Security. When I visit Google I get an SSL error that tells me the website is not secure.Disabling KTS works fine.This happens with Firefox(my main browser) but not with Chrome.I disabled "Scan encrypted connections" box but that didn't help.Every time I get the SSL error I have to disable KTS.After re-enabling it, Google works for about half an hour then I get SSL error again so I constantly have to disable KTS.Is there any permanent solution for this? Second issue is with addons.There is no way to remove them from the browser.If I disable them, they automatically re-enable after the browser restarts.Is there any way to get rid of them completely ? I already have dozens of addons and don't want to add more. I'm using up to date KTS and Windows 7 64bit.I used to have the same issues with PURE 3.0 earlier this year until I gave up and uninstalled it.It turns out my old PURE 3.0 license was valid with this new KTS software so I still have about a month left Thanks in advance.
  2. This is not a product question.I'm just curious if Kaspersky allocates any resources to combat large number of scam videos that literally flooded YouTube.Videos claim to offer a pirated copy or a "crack" Kaspersky file and they usually have link to a malicious file. The reason I'm asking this is because I wanted to watch a video review of a Kaspersky product but almost all of videos that came up on YouTube were offering a scam product with trojanised links.It's really hard/impossible to find any quality content about Kaspersky on YouTube. For example, Today I wanted to watch videos about Kaspersky 2014 and its detailed features so I searched for "kaspersky 2014" on YouTube.The 1st page of the search result brought 17 videos that offered "cracks" with malicious links ,2 amateur review videos with limited info,1 non related video. Second page of the search result showed 18 similar scam videos with malicious links, 1 one hour-long review but on foreign language, 1 video about how to install KIS.So nothing helpful. Third search page showed 16 scam videos with malicious links,1 detailed review but on foreign language again(my luck),1 official Kaspersky video on German,1 official Kaspersky video on English about how to install KIS.So nothing useful either.That's after browsing over 60 videos (3 page times 20 on each page equals 60).So 51 out of 60 videos were scam,offering illegal products with malicious links.I didn't even check the 4,5,6...N-th search pages. Searching for another phrase like "kis 2014" showed similar results with 90% of videos being scams and containing malicious links. So the question is, why are there so many [i assume illegal?] videos and does Kaspersky do anything to protect people ? I know there are many companies that delete videos to protect their intellectual rights,the company reputation and to prevent scam from spreading. Are there any official in-depth product review videos from Kaspersky? Thanks folks.
  3. I'm not a Kaspersky employee so you're reading this from a regular user. I've used EMET with Pure 3.0 for several months and haven't noticed any issues. Some of EMET's shields are not compatible with Chrome/Firefox so it will end up crashing the browsers.One annoying thing is that sometimes EMET does not show message when an application is blocked so you might spend hours trying to figure out what causes your program to crash (not just browsers but also Microsoft Office suits and other programs). You'll figure out which shields to uncheck after some trial and error.If you aren't sure how to configure EMET to prevent application crashes then use Malwarebyte's Anti-Exploit instead.It's not as robust as EMET but it's compatible with Pure and other programs.I've used Pure with both EMET and Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit and never had issues.Do not run EMET and Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit both at the same time.Both are free.
  4. Is there any way to prevent this from happening ? That's the reason why I stopped using Kaspersky (my license is still active though).Some of the HTTPS websites displayed security warnings and got blocked while KIS was on default settings.Unchecking "Scan encrypted connections" did not change anything on my case.I don't remember if it was checked by default or not...
  5. I read about it on one of tech blogs.It's not a virus.It's just a technical issue on Google's end.
  6. In addition to rudger79's links, also try this link http://usa.kaspersky.com/files/b2c-selector/ Fill out all the boxes that apply to you and at the end it will recommend a product.I would recommend Internet Security over Antivirus because the latter one does not have a firewall and Application Control module.Firewall is good, especially for laptops that connect to all kinds of networks.If you need password manager,backup features and data encryption then go for PURE3.0, otherwise go for KIS2015.
  7. A small correction to my last post.When I tested Eicar, it was detected as soon as Kaspersky's icon appeared on Taskbar(even when it was gray,not red yet), but it was not detected while it was launched sometime in between computer's startup and Kaspersky's icon appearance.So the computer was left unprotected for about 2 minutes. What I essentially tested was the "file detection/execution" shield.I do not know how fast other components(firewall,anti exploit,system watcher etc) load after startup, since the Eicar file that I used for testing is not designed to test those.Testing firewall would require a program that connects to internet and sends data.I would have to put it in blocklist and launch it right after PC startup to find out if it's blocked by Kaspersky or not but I haven't done that,so I can only speak about the file detection/execution shield, which is very important part of protection. EDIT: I have verified this with the latest version of PURE 3.0 which is (f).
  8. @SherBert LeMon: It is true that the process is running but the protection itself is not enabled, based on my experience.I tested it with basic Eicar virus file and I was able to double click and open the file without PURE catching it.Only after Kaspersky icon appeared on taskbar and it turned red from gray is when Eicar was actually detected.So the protection is not enabled until you see the red Kaspersky icon.That's been my person experience.I have the "Concede resources" unmarked so PURE will start ASAP but it still takes 1-2 minutes for it to load even thought my laptop uses fast SSD.This was tested on Windows 7. I believe Windows 8 fixes this issue by running antivirus process at a very early stage but the antivirus vendor has to make their product compatible with this OS feature.I've never tested any Kaspersky products on Windows 8 so I'm not sure if it works that way.You can test it with Eicar since you have Win8.
  9. Do you know if the PURE 3.0 license will be transferable ? I hope Kaspersky will allow us to continue the license term with KTS2015(that's in case PURE product line will be replaced by KTS) or at least "downgrade" more expensive PURE license to less expensive KIS. I purchased PURE 3.0 for several components that are missing in KIS but they never worked the way I expected so I see no point of having PURE anymore.Also KIS2015 introduced new protection techniques that are missing from PURE 3.0.Hopefully they will be added to future versions of PURE(or KTS?) as well.
  10. That was my initial thought.I disabled the automatic automatic action box and started receiving warning popups about ProgramA trying to access registry,create a file,write a file and other things that normal programs do.I did not receive a warning about a network connection, which is what I'm looking for. I receive lots of similar popups but none of them is about a network connection.Pure firewall does have the option to "Prompt" for action but it doesn't work and never has,as far as I remember (at least on my machines).I just thought maybe I was doing something wrong or there was another way of doing it.Thanks anyways
  11. Thanks for the details, The first method did not work. The second method does ask for a confirmation however it displays dozens of other popups that ask for a confirmation when the program tries to access a file on the PC during it's normal operation so this does not seem to be suitable for everyday use.Is there any way to ignore the program's local activities and prompt only during network activities ? I've also tried adding a new rule in Firewall>Settings>Application Rules of the application >Network Rules>Add> Action: Prompt for action , inbound/outbound, any address >OK>OK>OK>OK That did not help.The application is in Low Restricted group. Thanks.
  12. Hello PURE gurus, I use PURE 3.0 f patch.I also have a ProductA that is designed to connect to internet.How can I configure PURE firewall to prompt me to allow/deny every time ProductA wants to connect to an external IP ? ProductA is not a popular software, it's written by armatures and has no digital signature.It wants to connect to x.x.x.x IP. I want PURE firewall to ask me for permission before the connection is established.Can I also whiltelist that one specific IP so it won't ask again before connecting to that specific IP ? Next day, ProductA wants to connect to y.y.y.y IP. I want PURE firewall to ask for a confirmation , since it's a new IP. Is this possible?
  13. Windows 7 64 bit. PURE patch (e) PURE as been disconnected from KSN for at least 2 days now.Might have been much longer.When I try to scan an executable file to see its reputation I get a message "Could not get information from KSN. Reason: cannot connect to Kaspersky lab servers" Automatic and manual signature updates are functional.I do have the KSN enabled from 'feedback' area. Is there a known KSN outage ? Thanks.
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