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  1. Having just been burned on 1000 machines by this i can also confirm that DirectAccess does not work with the latest versions of KES 10 SP2MR3 or KES Disabling all components make no difference (and makes you think Kaspersky isn't the problem) however as noted above uninstall removes the issue and DirectAccess starts working again. Re-installing KES 10 SP2MR2 or KES also does not affect DirectAccess and this is the workaround we're using now, (NOTE - you cannot upgrade from KES10 SP2MR3 to KES to fix this, the fault is left in places, only remval and reinstall fixes) Therefore there is clearly a code change introduced to both KES10 and KES11 in the latest patch. This can be traced via the Windows Firewall dropping the outbound TCP traffic destined for the IPSec tunnel Windows Event Viewer showing the outbound block Search in wfpstate.xml for the corresponding Filter ID Additionally it is notable that Web threat is randomly blocking legitimate websites as malicious We'll wait for the next MR/SP release before trying DirectAccess again, but as mentioned above this is clealry new code introduced so please raise with developers (partially this post is for people searching for answers/workaround)
  2. Hi Evgeny Yes for uninstalling or installing i'm comfortable with running a batch file and/or msiexec command under 'Tasks' - however i don't want to do this against my entire estate of 6000+ machines. So I need to be able to target just the specific machines that need installing/uninstalling and to do this i'm using 'Device Selections' which can then populate the relevant 'Task' However KSC currently cannot target executable files that KSC/NetworkAgent has discovered in 'Device Selections', so i can't perform a "systems management task" of installing/uninstalling as "targetting an exe" on specific machines isn't currently possible. So i just wanted clarity of this being correct before closing this thread off (or if it isn't true and there is something else that can do it, i'd love to be able to do it) Thanks
  3. To perform constructive systems management functions you need to be able to target applications and devices - whilst you can create a Device Selection targetting Application Registry and then run a Task, like batch file uninstall, this does not always work if applications are not visible. Feature Request - The ability in Device Selection to target executable files by file name, application name and applicatiton version , so that Tasks can then be run against the relevant machines.
  4. Hi Konstantin thanks for that link, so just for clarity you're saying that targetting an exe is a systems management task that KSC can't currently perform? Thanks
  5. Hi Is there any help i can get on this? If not possible how can this be submitted as a feature request? Thanks
  6. Thank for your responses on this. I am not here to blame Kaspersky for a Microsoft choice, however i am using their systems mangement product where i want to manage some systems. So either the product does what it says and they can show how this is possible, or it does not and this can be acknowledged and something like a feature request put forward. At a simple level my aim/goal is just to run a task against machines with specific software installed - it doesn't have to be in a specific part of KSC, simply that it possible to do this. So if someone can describe how to do that specifically with SCCM client that would be great, if not possible at present can a feature request for selection reports targetting .exe files be put forward, as this seems like the best way to solve it if not currently possible?
  7. Hi Thanks this would give me a Report and possibly then i can make a manual list of machines that have it installed - however in this case it is not seen as an application and it does not appear in the default report on installed applications. However i'm actually after a Device Selection (not a Report) that shows machines with the software installed, so that a Task can then be created based upon the Device Selection results. So, how do get KSC to see this software installed in Device Selections?
  8. Hi any advice on how i can create the selection report to target this installed software? Thanks
  9. ok thanks, i thought that might be the case i am not exclusively interested in adding it to the application registry, it was one possible solution - therefore please now tell me how to achieve my goal: Aim/Goal - I want to create a selection report to show me how many machines have a piece of software installed or a specific exe file (so i can then run a task against it)
  10. Hi No this doesn't appear in the registry in that path, and also does not appear in "program and features" aka "add/remove programs" from control panel Microsoft probably do this to hide from the user to stop them easily being able to uninistall it If any use, in the registry it can be found at : Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\CcmExec Key Name = DisplayName KeyType = Reg_SZ Value = SMS Agent Host -- KSC/NetAgent does however manage to work out the Application Name, as seen in KSC: probably from the exe itself having a product name
  11. Hi - i believe i already answered this question above. However to avoid confusion where we might be talking about different things, please tell me specifically what you want checked if it is not looking at the individual PC in the Application Registry section, which shown here does not contain an application name 'System Center Configuration Manager' (or 'Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager') Thanks
  12. Is this what you are asking me? It does not appear on Applications registry for the individual machine - so how do we make that happen, as KSC/NetAgent has identified the Application name.
  13. i'll try and explain in a different way then This PC seen in KSC, has some software installed that appears under 'Application name' as 'System Center Configuration Manager' So KSC knows it is installed on that PC. However 'System Center Configuration Manager' does not appear in the 'Application name' field, to be used as a filter on a Device Selection So.. 1) how can the KSC "Applications Registry" be updated to show this application name? Or 2) as an alternative, can a Device Selection target a executable file? hope this is clearer, thanks
  14. Hi System - Running KSC & Network Agent 10.4.343 (cannot upgrade to 10.5 at present.) Aim/Goal - I want to create a selection report to show me how many machines have a piece of software installed or a specific exe file. Problem - Looking at an individual machine properties in KSC, which has this software installed, i can find the exe file and this shows the 'Application Name' correctly However it does not appear in Applications Registry for that individual machine: When creating a Device Selection, it is also not an option which can be chosen in the application registry section: So.. 1) how can the KSC Applications Registry be updated to show this application name Or 2) can a Device Selection target a executable file Thanks
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